Sorry to ‘Eat and Run?’ Not This Crew!

Jeremy R. Bottorf (right), coordinator of athletics for club sports, intramurals and camps, raises the bar in the "Who can blow the biggest bubble?" contest.

While tempted to use their hands, these competitors were challenged to move a cookie from forehead to mouth by facial movement alone.

A focused camper tries to eat a stack of crackers as quickly as possible before running to tag her relay teammate.

In full stride, a youngster runs his leg of the Alphabet Saltine Challenge.

In the Skittles Race, each participant had to hold a straw in his or her mouth, suck a Skittle to the end and run to the bowls to drop their candy cargo. The team with the most Skittles at the end of five minutes won.

In the midst of World Cup, Wimbledon and the Tour de France, Penn College’s Camp ESCAPE provided yet another option for hardcore sports enthusiasts: The Eating Olympics. Thursday’s campers, enjoying a healthy dose of pleasant summer sun, were put through their paces in a series of food-related events outside the Field House. (The boys won the cracker relay, while the Skittles title went to the girls.) In addition to the day’s edible treats, the seven-week summer camp – of which only two weeks remain – includes a regular diet of field trips, bowling, swimming, crafts, indoor and outdoor games, movies, and more.
Photos by Rachel A. Eirmann, student photographer

Penn College is a special mission affiliate of Penn State