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Stabley and Andreassen: outstanding in the ATHS atrium

The mosaic art complements existing artwork and painted elements of the space.

Oh, so many little details!

An earlier image taken during “phase two” shows how the abstract mosaic accents mimic shadows on the wall when sunlight filters into the atrium.

Coincidentally, the photographer arrived just as the duo had placed their final tile. They still need to grout the work, but decided to rest on their laurels (or their scaffolding) for this photo.

More meticulous mosaic artistry has been added in the atrium of the Breuder Advanced Technology & Health Sciences Center. David A. Stabley, instructor of ceramics and wood sculpture, has placed mosaic tiles on two side walls in the space, further enhancing the “center piece” that was completed last June. He and assistant Barbara A. Andreassen, a 2010 graduate in graphic design, completed the intensive tile work Tuesday afternoon and will next grout the art to finalize it. Stabley estimates the current work features approximately 7,000 small black pieces alone, with 35,000 pieces total. The abstract lines of the artwork are meant to parallel the shadows cast into the atrium by sunlight.

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These pictures capture this gorgeous artwork perfectly. Working in the ATHS this week and watching this masterpiece come together was pretty cool. Very talented crew, for sure.

Posted by Christy Allen at June 7, 2018 at 7:14 am

Wow! How beautiful! Makes me wish I was still working in the ATHS – what a beautiful way to start the day it would be to see this beautiful mural. This makes our beautiful Penn College even more beautiful!

Posted by Mary Jane Baier at June 8, 2018 at 10:19 am

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