Sold-Out Event Provides Abundant Nourishment for Body, ‘Soul’

  • Last updated February 27, 2013
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Penn's Inn crowd enjoys timely film, tasty food.

With a stack of DVDs at his side, Byron Hurt answers audience questions after the showing of "Soul Food Junkies."

Sporting a dapper bib, Korey Haynes is ready to savor some "soul food" with his mother, Alycia.

Black-eyed peas and grilled bell peppers were as visually appealing as they were palate-pleasing.

The award-winning filmmaker documents the occasion on his cellphone.

Tuesday’s second annual Soul Food Dinner at Penn College, which attracted a diverse (and ultimately well-fed) audience to the Bush Campus Center, blended a mouth-watering menu of ethnic favorites with a showing of Byron Hurt’s “Soul Food Junkies” documentary. The filmmaker is touring the country introducing his movie, which has beenĀ  broadcast on PBS to wide acclaim, and drew a sold-out crowd on the Williamsport leg of his map-hopping itinerary.