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‘SMART Girls’ Visit Earth Science Center

Claude T. Witts, instructor of diesel equipment technology, helps young women test the energy in various regular and alternative fuels Forestry instructor Jason M. Shaw helps SMART Girls identify 20 species of trees in the ESC's 'living laboratory' Ninth- and 10th-graders in this week’s Penn College’s SMART Girls residential program, an initiative that provides young women the opportunity to experience math and science as a foundation for careers in technology, traveled Tuesday to the Schneebeli Earth Science Center south of main campus. The students took part in two workshops: “Energy in Fuel,” in which participants calculated the horsepower in different fuels and tested their results in a dynamometer, and “Guess the Trees Around You,” a walk-through-the-woods exercise in tree identification. In its eighth year, the SMART Girls program also runs a one-day program in the fall for seventh- and eighth-graders. ( Photos by Brett A. Reasner, assistant dean of natural resources management)

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