‘SMART Girls’ Find Silver Lining Through ESC Lab Activities

Ryan W. Peck, instructor of diesel equipment technology, prepares his guests for operation of heavy construction equipment.

Two muddy SMART girls return from the heavy equipment operations site for a lunch break.

Forestry professor Dennis F. Ringling shows how to measure woodland acreage.

Ken Bashista, laboratory assistant for diesel equipment technology, provides instruction on tearing down an engine.

Undeterred by clouds and May showers, area middle schoolers took part in SMART (Science and Math Applications in Real-world Technologies) Girls workshops at Penn College’s Schneebeli Earth Science Center on Tuesday. In its 13th year, SMART Girls – coordinated by the Outreach for K-12 office – is designed to encourage a strong foundation in high school math and sciences and to expose participants to career options in emerging technologies. The visitors to the Allenwood area campus experienced a variety of majors offered through the college’s School of Natural Resources Management, including heavy construction equipment technology and forest technology.
Photos by Carol A. Lugg, coordinator of matriculation and retention, School of Natural Resources Management

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