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Six-Week Yoga Courses to Begin Jan. 12 at Penn College

Three six-week noncredit courses providing a comprehensive introduction to hatha yoga will be offered at Pennsylvania College of Technology beginning Jan. 12.

Each class will include asana (postures) practice and deep relaxation. Those who have never practiced yoga, as well as those wishing to refine their understanding, will benefit. All of the yoga classes run from 5 to 6:30 p.m.; the cost for each six-week course is $40.

Yoga for Relaxation will be offered on Mondays from Jan. 12 to Feb. 16; March 1 to April 5; and April 19 to May 24. This moderately vigorous series of hatha yoga sessions affords an opportunity to practice yoga asana in combination with breathing techniques (pranayama) for relaxation and revitalization of the body and mind. Participants will learn how hatha yoga asana can provide a deep state of relaxation and the release of tension. Completion of ?Introduction to Yoga, Part 1? is required to register for this course.

Introduction to Yoga will be offered on Tuesdays from Jan. 13 to Feb. 17; March 2 to April 6; and April 20 to May 25. These sessions are for beginners and will provide a comprehensive introduction to the practice of hatha yoga. Participants will learn hatha yoga asana as it relates to posture, balance, flexibility, strength, skeletal and muscular integrity, health benefits, tension relief and the restorative qualities of yoga asana.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga will be offered on Thursdays from Jan. 15 to Feb. 19; March 4 to April 8; and April 22 to May 27. These hatha yoga sessions will provide a rigorous hatha yoga practice containing both classical and contemporary asana and concluding with deep relaxation. The sessions include a review of the fundamental asana and a broader exploration of asana as it relates to Vinyasa Flow Yoga. Participants will build core strength, increase flexibility and improve health through this ancient tradition of energizing and healing practices. Previous yoga experience is required.

“Everyone has an opportunity to benefit from the practice of yoga, because it is open to people of all ages and levels of physical condition,” said instructor Tom Woodson. “Some people feel that they can’t join a yoga class for one reason or another. Don’t be put off from trying hatha yoga classes because you feel that you are too old, too stiff, too fat, too thin, too tired or just don’t have the time. Attend a class and learn how to spend a little time each day in practicing hatha yoga, and you’ll find you will benefit from the effort.”

To register for the courses, call (570) 327-4775 or visit on the Web. Loose-fitting clothing is recommended (shorts and a T-shirt are preferred), and participants should bring a blanket, thick towel and a strap or belt to class (a yoga mat and a strap are preferable).

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