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SimMan to retire, clearing path for next-gen successor

Seventeen years. Fifteen-hundred students. Four different homes. Countless exams. He’s seen it all. And now SimMan is ready to retire. He’s going to be missed by his Penn College family, but the days of worry-free retirement are calling. “I have helped so many students prepare to treat patients leading into their successful health care careers,” SimMan said in his exit interview. “However, my job here is done. It is time for the next generation in the SimMan family, 3G, to provide a new level of simulation!” With gratitude for his Penn College career, celebrated in a YouTube video with “co-star” Samantha M. Weaver, learning laboratory coordinator for nursing education, the soon-to-be-retiree issued a parting request: “Please make a gift today, so our students can continue to succeed in a field of such high demand. Your support will help us to move to the next level of preparedness as we bring this new member of the SimMan family to campus.”

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