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‘Ship of the Desert’ Temporarily Docks in ‘Land of the Wildcat’

When April Fool’s Day lands on Hump Day, there’s really only one way to mark the occasion: bring a camel to campus! Orchestrated by the Wildcat Events Board and obtained from Animal Rentals Inc., “Eli” the camel was ridden by 250 people (and photographed by many more) during a four-hour caravan stop outside the Hager Lifelong Education Center. WEB incorporated the attraction into its Wildcat Wednesday series, held to inform the college community about its varied sponsored activities. While not a common sight for the area, especially on the day after an early-spring snowstorm, the event brought smiles to students and employees heading toward a long holiday weekend. The novelty was enough to attract WBRE-TV, which aired a brief report Wednesday evening.

– Most photos by Caleb G. Schirmer, student photographer; others provided


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