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SGA Board Returns From Conference With High Spirits, New Experiences

The Student Government Association Executive Board and the organization's adviser recently attended a national conference. Standing before an American Student Government Association banner are, from left, SGA President Brian D. Walton; Executive Vice President Andrew R. Christoffel; Shadra D. Smith, assistant director of student services in the Student Activities office (and SGA adviser); Steven E. Ritter, vice president of public relations; and Thomas P. Garrett, vice president of finance The four-member executive board of Penn College’s Student Government Association joined about 600 students from more than 100 schools at last week’s 2008 National Student Government Conference in Bethesda, Md. “This conference was such an awesome experience,” SGA President Brian D. Walton said. “We were able to interact with so many people and different colleges and learn what they do and how they operate. For a college that is so unique, our students interact in a more traditional manner than even I thought. I am excited to bring back what we have learned and implement some new and exciting patterns that hopefully will turn into tradition. We have a great college, an open and understanding administration, and a student body that becomes more active every year.” Walton was accompanied by SGA adviser Shadra D. Smith and fellow officers Andrew R. Christoffel, executive vice president; Thomas P. Garrett, vice president of finance; and Steven E. Ritter, vice president of public relations. “The students, faculty and administration should be hopeful and excited for what this year’s student government will bring to Penn College,” Ritter noted. “Every great journey begins with a helpful push in the right direction, and this conference was just that push!” If anyone would like tohear more about the conference, the Executive Board members’ personal journals will be availablein the SGA office beginning Monday.

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