Seven Student Leaders Honored With Penn College Awards

  • Published May 15, 2018
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A year-end banquet honored seven Pennsylvania College of Technology students with Penn College Awards, recognizing 2018 graduates who have made outstanding contributions to the college and risen above their peers as a result of their meritorious service.

Anthony J. Pace, director of student activities, presided over the May 10 event before a supportive audience of families, friends and college employees. Davie Jane Gilmour noted in her welcoming remarks that the students she encounters, embodied in the campus leaders being celebrated at dinner, have been her utmost motivation through 40 years as a college employee – 20 as the institution’s president.

Recipients of the 2018 Penn College Awards (from left), representing an impressive honor roll of student involvement and leadership: Bryonna A. Aldubayan, Hanna Jo Williams, Caleb E. Cartmell, Andrew Smith, Alexandra M. Lehman and John M. Matthews. (Efrem K. Foster was unable to attend due to military service.)

An alphabetical list of recipients, their hometowns and majors, an admittedly partial list of their considerable campus and community activities, and representative comments from their many references:

Bryonna A. Aldubayan
Old Forge
Applied health studies: occupational therapy assistant concentration

Introduced by Cathy E. Gamez, hall coordinator for Rose Street Commons

“She does not just attend events as a student on the sidelines; she attends them as a student leader. Bryonna takes time to ask questions, to share knowledge and to engage with other students. Through her passion and willingness to get involved, she has made a huge difference in the lives of both students and staff here at Penn College. We are most certainly a better place because of Bryonna and the impact she has had on our campus community.”

Caleb E. Cartmell

Automotive technology management

Introduced by Pace

“I believe Caleb is an excellent example of what we want all of our student leaders to be. He is involved in a number of ways on campus … (and) is always willing to meet with students, student organizations and offices to enhance the student experience and the college. Caleb rises above his peers and is impacting student life, enacting meaningful change at Penn College.”

Efrem K. Foster

Applied management

Foster was unable to attend, as he was out of town on reserve duty.

“Some of the most remarkable gifts that Efrem shares with the Penn College community are his sense of empathy, his compassion and his spirit of grace, especially when he is confronted with hardship – whether they are his own or he is assisting someone in tackling their own problems. Efrem works hard at everything that he chooses to dedicate his time to and, in my experience, he possesses a level of perseverance, conscientiousness and steadfastness that is rare among his peers.”

Alexandra M. Lehman

South Williamsport
Business administration: sport and event management concentration

Introduced by Allison A. Bressler, assistant director of student activities for programming and Greek life

“Her knowledge of protocol and practice is based on experience, common sense and intuition – all qualities of a natural leader. Her service to Penn College is heartfelt and remarkable. Alex always has a smile and a kind word for everyone. Her tenure as a student worker has been most productive, and she will be a valued professional in all her future endeavors. Thank you for your consideration.”

John M. Matthews

Introduced by Jessica L. Bower, simulation laboratory coordinator, nursing education

“He has a lot on his plate, but he makes it all work. John is also a genuinely nice guy, and any future employer will be very lucky to have him as part of his or her staff some day. I will be happy to allow him to care for any of my family members as a nurse. I trust him to provide the best nursing care that he can do.”

Andrew Smith

Applied management

Introduced by Bressler

“I have watched Andrew grow into the leader he is today – always a team player, insightful and generating new ideas. Whichever organization he was a part of, he has always wanted to move the organization forward. Andrew has been great to work with and has an accomplished path while at Penn College. I look forward to seeing what he accomplishes in the future.”

Hanna Jo Williams

Marion, New York
Industrial and human factors design, studio arts

Introduced by John F. McNichol Jr., head coach, women’s soccer

“Hanna is very passionate about Penn College, always wanting to leave her impact to make a club, team or organization better because of her involvement. Many students will find one niche in their college life and not expand upon it; Hanna, on the other hand, wants to explore everything to make herself a better person. Hanna is never satisfied with just being average and coasting to the finish, instead she always has the mindset to finishing harder than you start. She is a tremendous ambassador for Penn College and Wildcat Athletics.”

Among others attending the awards banquet were Loni N. Kline, vice president for institutional advancement; Elliott Strickland, chief student affairs officer; Shannon L. Skaluba, Student Activities information center assistant; and two student leaders who served on the awards selection committee: Presidential Ambassadors Jonathan R. Hendrickson, software development and information management, and Dianna R. Weaver, business administration: management concentration.

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