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Secondary, College Welding Teachers Attend Training Workshop

'Train the Trainer' workshop held for welding teachers A group of high school and college welding teachers from around the nation are on campus for a Weld-Ed “Train the Trainer” workshop offered through the National Center for Welding Education and Training (Weld-Ed) at Lorain County Community College, Lorain, Ohio, and Penn College, a Weld-Ed regional center. Three Penn College faculty members are among participants in the two-week course that runs through July 24. Dave Dickinson, professor emeritus from the Welding Engineering Department at The Ohio State University, is the instructor. The course is an Introduction to Materials Joining and includes such topics as the physics of welding, basic metallurgy concepts, design fundamentals, quality assurance and safety. Weld-Ed’s mission is to improve the training of teachers of welding across the United States and to help ensure a sufficient number of welders are available to meet the needs of the labor market. Photo by Jessica L.Tobias, student photographer

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