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Second Round of Harassment-Prevention Training Nears

In January 2007, Pennsylvania College of Technology President Davie Jane Gilmour announced that the college was implementing an online refresher course in harassment prevention for all full-time and regular part-time employees who had attended the in-person training during or prior to 2003-04; this started a three-year cycle of online refresher training. The first round was completed between January and June 2007 with just under 600 employees completing the online course.

During 2007-08, all full-time and regular part-time employees who attended the in-person sexual harassment training during 2004-05 will participate in the second round of training. Additionally, the college will require part-time instructors actively teaching courses during the Fall 2007 semester and casual part-time employees to take an online harassment-prevention course in 2007-08.

The long-term objective is to have all college employees participate every three years in a refresher course about preventing harassment on campus. As the president emphasized last January, this initiative will contribute to an institutional consciousness about respect for and civil treatment of each other, which, in turn, will sustain the college as a strong, enjoyable and productive place to work and study.

Human Resources will assign employees to one of three online courses:

  1. Preventing Harassment on Campus: PennsylvaniaCollege of Technology
  2. Preventing Harassment on Campus: Supervisor’s Edition-Pennsylvania College of Technology
  3. Preventing Harassment on Campus: FacultyEdition-PennsylvaniaCollege of Technology*

*Employees in frequent contact with students will be assigned the Faculty Edition because it discusses student interaction.

A course-assignment memo will be disseminated to “second-round employees” by the end of September 2007 and will include directions on how to access the assigned course. Time spent completing the required course is considered work time and must be paid if the employee is a Classified, Service or nonexempt APT employee. Any questions regarding course assignments should be directed to Tina Strayer (ext. 7262).

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