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Seasonal Thoughts, as ‘Green’ Turns to ‘White’

This week’s Green Tip from the Horticulture Club is about a topic that many don’t like to talk about: shoveling snow. Leaves are falling … but snow soon will be falling, too. Think about how you are going to get rid of it. Sure, the snow blower does a quicker job, but keep in mind the amount of pollution that blower emits. Maybe that dusty old shovel can do the job just as well if your health is up to shoveling snow. If not, think about getting that snow blower out now to make sure it’s running at peak efficiency before the snow piles up. The Horticulture Club co-sponsors this weekly feature with Penn College’s Energy Conservation Subcommittee. Contacts are Gail B. Landers, group leader at the Children’s Learning Center and a subcommittee representative, and Carl J. Bower Jr., horticulture instructor.

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