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Rough-and-tumble robots clash as popular event returns

Student Wildcats of Robotic Design recently hosted its Fall Fights 2019, attracting 51 combat robots – fashioned from a variety of materials, both by students and the general public – for daylong competition in the Field House.

The top three finishers for each weight class and the names of their robots:

First − Nate Franklin, “Slim Pickens”
Second − Eric Shao, “Overkill”
Third − Engineering design technology student Wesley S. McCray, “Jerry”

First − Don Doerfler, “Circuit Breaker”
Second − Welding and fabrication engineering technology major Ryan J. Bohenek, “Scrappy”
Third − Joe Doerfler, “Disco”

– Photos by Tim Wegman, student photographer;
others provided by SWORD


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