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ROTC Cadets Complete Water Survival Training

With dummy weapon in hand, a cadet prepares to 'ditch' his gear A blindfolded cadet is helped to the edge of the jumping-off point On survival manuevers, Bison Battalion fills the Bucknell University poolBison Battalion ROTC, along with nine members of the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps from Shikellamy High School, completed Combat Water Survival Training over the weekend to improve individual confidence levels, build unit cohesion and prepare cadets for continuing training. The event took place at the Bucknell University swimming pool from 10 a.m.-noon Saturday. The cadets swam for 10 minutes and treaded water for five, then performed a 15-meter swim with a dummy M-16 and load-bearing vest. After that, they took part in the “equipment ditch” event, entering the pool anddumping their mock M-16s and vests before resurfacing. Lastly, they jumped into the pool from a 3-meter platform with dummy weapons while wearing vests and blindfolds. Bison Battalion, based at Bucknell, includes a number of Penn College students. Photos by Cadet Jason Kneller, public affairs officer

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