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Roster of Recyclables Expands to Include Paperboard, ‘Junk Mail’

Lycoming County recycling centers now accept “junk mail” and paperboard, along with corrugated cardboard. This recent change to the list of county recyclables increases the amount of refuse that households can keep out of the landfill. In particular, the following now are recyclable: Chip board (cereal boxes, soda cases, dry food boxes and paper towel rolls) and junk mail (envelopes, credit card applications, fliers, glossy ads, office paper, and notebook paper. Plastic or foil box liners are not acceptable. Paperboard and junk mail may be placed in the cardboard roll-off containers found at various sites in the county. On campus, students and employees are reminded, additional items can be recycled in Penn College’s “single-stream” system. Brought to you by Penn College’s Energy Conservation Subcommittee; email Chairman Richard C. Taylor, associate professor of plumbing and heating, with ideas for future “Green Tips.”

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