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‘Rock-‘n’-Roll Egg Hunt Attracts Record Crowd

Egg Hunt organizers gather with a special guest.You almost cringe when those cries of “there’s nothing to do!” ring out for the umpteenth time. It can feel like the sound of fingernails on a blackboard. Yeesh!

Well, on Tuesday, there definitely was something to do around here. Residence Life sponsored the “Rock-‘n’-Roll Egg Hunt,” drawing a record number of 160 Penn College students.

Residence Life Paraprofessional Staff from all four complexes stuffed more than 500 colored eggs that were hidden along the courtyard behind CC Commons. Each egg held candy and educational snippets about sex, drugs and rock-‘n’-roll trivia with a special guest appearance of the bunny (Resident Assistant Dereck Smith).

Students await the signal to begin the search for hidden eggs.The large crowd of students hungered for the “go-ahead signal” to collect as many stuffed eggs as possible. As students raced around the courtyard searching for hidden eggs, rock-‘n’-roll music was booming in the background. All students received raffle tickets based on the number of eggs collected.

At stake were three $50 gift cards and one Xbox 360 as the grand prize. John Crane collected a total of 36 eggs and Ryan Williams had 28. Winners of the $50 gift cards were Aaron Kratz, Kris Bunty and Sarah Shott. Nathan Earle was the evening’s grand prize winner of the Xbox 360.

Congratulations to the entire Residence Life Staff team for sponsoring such a memorable and successful student-life event.

( Photos provided by Residence Life)

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