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Resident Assistants, Outstanding Programs Honored

Christie HenningPennsylvania College of Technology’s Residence Life Office announces its January/February choices for outstanding Resident Assistants and programs in its four student-housing complexes.

Resident Assistant of the Month Christie Henning, a third-year RA in Campus View Apartments and a legal assistant/paralegal studies major from Bellefonte, was chosen as Resident Assistant of the Month.

“This RA offers great insight to policies/procedures, and does so in a manner that is supportive of her co-workers,” staff said. “She continually goes above and beyond the call of duty, and is a valuable asset to Residence Life in our time of transition as new professional staff positions are filled. We know that we can always call on her for help and that, if it’s something she can do, she will do it.”

Rising Stars of the Month The Rising Stars of the Month were Lucas Cusatis, of Hazleton, a manufacturing engineering technology major in his first year as Resident Assistant at College West Apartments; Shanee Robinson, a mass media communications student from Newark, Del., and a first-year RA in Campus View; and Zachary Wagner, a first-year RA at the Village who hails from Millmontand majors in information technology: web and applications development.

Lucas CusatisLucas Cusatis “During January opening, we needed to quickly find a space in College West to place a new resident. This RA very willingly helped out with the process by checking out possible apartments, then going into one of the apartments with his own cleaning supplies to tidy up so that things would be presentable and ready for the new student,” Residence Life staff related. “He spent a good deal of time talking with the student’s family, answered their questions about Penn College, and provided his contact information so that they could seek him out after returning from Welcome Weekend activities. Thanks to the efforts of this RA, the family went from feeling stressed about the process to feeling comfortable and at ease.”

Shanee RobinsonShanee Robinson “Although she has a quiet demeanor, this RA does an outstanding job. She consistently keeps the lines of communication open with her residents, and works hard at forming relationships with all of them. She constantly seeks advice from her coordinator about how to handle different resident situations, and handles situations extremely well with high attention to detail,” staff reported. “This RA is someone who truly enjoys being an RA for all the right reasons: She loves helping people.”

Zachary WagnerZachary Wagner“This RA takes great interest in all of his residents and always keeps his coordinator informed of issues going on,” staff said. “In addition to his strong work ethic and commitment to Residence Life, this RA has a very positive attitude and is always willing to lend a hand or help other staff members.”

Educational Program of the MonthSelected as Educational Program of the Month was “Pizza/Sexual Awareness,” planned by Melissa Dobson, a first-year RA at Rose Street Apartments who majors in pre-physician assistant.

“The planning of this program was tricky for this RA because it was her very first program. She handled paperwork appropriately and worked with other professional staff to ensure that everything was in place and set for the event,” staff said. “She ‘lured’ students to her room for pizza and drinks, and, while they were there, she distributed information on sexual awareness and condom use.” About 25 people participated in the event, which not only educated students, but acquainted the RA with her residents … and residents with one another.

Social Program of the MonthThe Social Program of the Month was a “Super Bowl Party” organized by second-year College West Resident Assistants Steven Ritter and Brian Walton.

“This program was spearheaded by two RAs who planned the event in an adequate amount of time, processed paperwork, made menu selections and provided publicity,” staff recounted. “They came up with an amazing seating arrangement to accommodate a number of students and three flat-screen televisions. Everyone in attendance enjoyed the event … especially the great food!”

Ritter is a computer aided product design major from State College; Walton is an HVAC technology student from West Chester.

Innovative Program of the Month Chosen as Innovative Program of the Month was “Breaking the Ice,” presented by Marija Staznik, a first-year RA in the Village Apartments, a hospitality management major and no stranger to previous “of the month” honors.

“She continues to go above and beyond in meeting the needs of her residents, and she does so through her creative programming initiatives,” staff said. “For this particular event, this RA … took students ice skating and, for the duration of the event, made every effort to ensure that residents were getting to know one another.”

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