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‘Resident Assistant Appreciation Day’ Observed

Penn College's Resident Assistants gather outside the Madigan Library To honor the extraordinary contributions that Resident Assistants make every day to supporting Penn College students and encouraging their growth and learning, Residence Life issued the following proclamation: “In recognition of the outstanding work that Resident Assistants (paraprofessional staff) do to get to know students, develop communities based on individual responsibility and respect for others, and to provide opportunities for student learning; Thursday, April 10, 2008, is hereby declared RA Appreciation Day at Penn College. Please join in recognizing and thanking the following student leaders: Alesha Frazier, Andrew Schwalm, Anthony Grubbs, Benaiah Tucci, Bradley Jackson, Bradley Robinson, Brian Walton, Christie Henning, Clayton Morrow, Dereck Smith, Edward Race, Elonzo Stroud, Eric Bruno, Franklin Carr, James Jones, Jamie Lear, Jason Kovach, John Phillippy, Jordan Enders, Joseph Simon, Julianne Grega, Justin Holland, Lacy Gwynn, Lucas Cusatis, Marija Staznik, Mary Jo Nonnemacher, Matthew Miller, Melissa Dobson, Michael Snyder, Shanee Robinson, Steven Ritter, Thomas Garrett, Thornton Redman, Tuesday Brown, Yo-Seop Lee, Zachary Wagner and Zachary Zukauckas. Thank you for an inspirational year of mentoring and helping. Thank you for an awesome year of fun and good times. Thank you for a remarkable year of hard work and dedication. Thank you for enriching the residence hall community.”

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