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Residence Life Staff Selects Month’s Honorable RAs, Programs

Pennsylvania College of Technology’s Residence Life Office has chosen its noteworthy August-September events and Resident Assistants from on-campus housing units.

Brittany E. DavisRising Star of the MonthHonored as Rising Star of the Month was Brittany E. Davis, a first-year RA in College West and a culinary arts and systems major from North Apollo.

Zachary P. Wagner“This RA arrived with a smile on her face and a willingness to learn,” staff said. “She is always level-headed, and eases through tasks and responsibilities with a sense of confidence and calmness. Fellow staff members see her as a natural leader, and as someone who is willing to reach out to others. This (RA) has the fortitude, initiative and a willing spirit to help others. She sees the … position as an opportunity to grow and learn. Not only has she been a beacon of light for the College West complex, but a rising star for Penn College a star among stars.”

Senior RA of the Month Chosen as Senior Resident Assistant of the Month was Zachary P. Wagner, an information technology: Web and applications development major from Millmont.

“As a returning staff member, this Senior Resident Assistant has been outstanding this year. He has not only stepped up to the plate because he was asked to, but because he had the heart and passion to help in the creation of an outstanding team,” staff explained. “He has gone above and beyond in several aspects of his position and does so with great maturity, integrity and poise. (He) is quick to learn and pick up on new ideas, he is calm and cautious when confronting situations, and he communicates his ideas with great enthusiasm and excitement. He has had nothing but a positive attitude since the beginning of the year and has contributed so much to the team.” Residence Life also selected special initiative, educational and innovative programs for the period, as follows:

Kaitlyn M. CharmburyAnthony R. GrubbsSpecial Initiative “Building Community in the Residence Halls,” a picnic-table project organized by Kaitlyn M. Charmbury, State College; Anthony R. Grubbs, Irwin; Louis A. Rizzo, Sugarloaf; and Benaiah K. Tucci, Ligonier. Charmbury and Grubbs are residential construction technology and management majors, both serving as RAs in The Village. Rizzo, a Rose Street RA, and Tucci, of Campus View, are construction students.

“The goal of the on-campus living experience at Penn College is to provide tangible avenues in which students can become a part of and make contributions to their living community and to teach student skills that they may not acquire in their specific course of study,” staff noted. “This program focused on teaching basic carpentry skills to students in nonconstruction-related majors. The program, in which residents built picnic tables, was organized by four Resident Assistants who are in majors within the School of Construction and Design Technologies.

Louis A. RizzoBenaiah K. Tucci“”Throughout the planning process and execution of the program, the RA’s involved spent a great deal of time utilizing their skills to design the table, determine the supplies needed, build a practice table, and then execute the program with enthusiasm and care. Many residents participated and learned new skills that they can utilize for the rest of their lives, in addition to making a tangible contribution to their living community.”

Sarah R. ShottEducational “The Rose” Scavenger Hunt, coordinated by Sarah R. Shott, a first-year RA at Rose Street.

Shott, an information technology: Web and applications development major from Tresckow, incorporated various departments and offices on campus as a means to help residents learn their environment.

“She created clues, contacted resources, developed fun fliers and spread the word,” staff said. “Her execution, follow-up and resourcefulness made for a successful and informative program enjoyed by many residents of the complex.”

Bradley S. JacksonSocial “Midnight Breakfast,” planned by Bradley S. Jackson, of Warrington, an information technology: Web and applications development major and a second-year RA at College West.

Jackson, an information technology: Web and applications development major, incorporated various departments and offices on campus as a means to help residents learn their environment.

“Although this was an unusual program to have at the beginning of the semester, it was very well-received by the residents,” staff said. “The Resident Assistant brought students together for a late-night breakfast and lots of good conversation. When asked if the time of the event was a problem, residents responded, ‘No way; midnight is the time when we’re hungry!’ This RA is a veteran and has a pulse for what students need and want. Who would think to have a midnight breakfast at the beginning of the semester?”

Christie D. HenningInnovative A “Courtyard Cleanup” arranged by Christie D. Henning, a veteran RA at Rose Street.

“This RA listened carefully to the concerns of the students and was proactive in creating a program that addressed those issues,” Residence Life staff said. “Not only was she proactive, but she inspired the residents of her complex to take an active role with maintaining the cleanliness of their own community. The motivation that she has instilled in these residents has them excited about the possibility of coordinating another program on a larger scale within the college community.”

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