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Residence Life Office Announces August/September Honorees

The Residence Life Office at Pennsylvania College of Technology has chosen its exemplary students and programming for August/September:

Azeez SaluResident Assistant of the Month Azeez Salu, a computer aided drafting technology student from Upper Marlboro, Md., was chosen as Resident Assistant of the Month for his service to Campus View Apartments.

“This RA has been described by his coordinator as ‘Our Rock,'” Residence Life staff said. “He is soft-spoken, willing to help out all of the time, and continually goes above and beyond with his residents and his programming responsibilities. He shows up on time, volunteers to do extra things, and, most importantly, always has a positive attitude. (Not to mention his warm smile!) His attitude helps everyone around him to see the good in people and situations. He is dependable, and has been described by his coordinator as ‘one of the very best RAs I’ve ever had!'”

Holly RaybuckRising Star of the Month Holly Raybuck, a Resident Assistant in Delaware Hall, was selected as Rising Star of the Month.

“This RA has exhibited great leadership in a short amount of time,” staff said of the business management major from Bellefonte. “She has taken the skills from RA training and executed them without a flaw. She does her job with ease and professionalism, and often goes above and beyond the call of duty. In her willingness to help, she’s assisted other RAs when she’s not on call. Her Ice Cream Social program was very successful, with 56 residents in attendance. (And nothing was left to waste, as our RA shared the leftover ice cream with another complex!)

Coordinator Kas Williams, center rear, with the Resident Assistants of Clinton, Delaware and Juniata halls.Social Program of the Month

“Karaoke Night,” organized by Justin Ball, Oluwaseun Filade, Khadijah Flythe, Patrick Hrubes, John Keck, Katey Landry, Kyle Mullin, Raybuck, Morris Sayon and Akeem Shakes (the RAs at Clinton, Delaware and Juniata halls), was named Social Program of the Month.

“This program was nominated … due to the extensive planning, prizes and excellent turnout of residents,” staff said. “Approximately 100 students attended this Friday night program, a day when many residents leave for the weekend. Over 15 residents participated in the Karaoke contest. Prizes included gift certificates to (The College Store) and a Penn College shirt. Music ranged from country to hip-hop and included two RAs performing ‘Old Time Rock ‘n’ Roll,’ as well as a group sing-along of the popular song, ‘Lean on Me.’ A truly great time was had by all.”

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