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Residence Life Announces Month’s ‘Greatest Hits’ in Campus Housing

Amanda AllanahKevin BrookhartThe Residence Life Office has chosen Pennsylvania College of Technology’s outstanding student staff members and programs for September/October.

Selected as Resident Assistant of the Month was Kevin Brookhart, a technology management student from Liverpool and an RA at Dauphin Hall.

“This RA uses sound judgment in his mission to help students. His cool attitude and ability to bring calm support is a draw for his residents,” office staff wrote. “He’s currently working with his coordinator to streamline communication with ideas to use technology for the Dauphin Staff. He’s dedicated to making his Residence Life team stronger and better by his suggestions, his example, and his dedication.”

Bobby LambJerikah HiteThe Rising Star of the Month was Amanda Allanah, of Pottsville, a physical fitness specialist major.

“(She) has done an amazing job as a first-year RA” in Campus View Apartments,” staff said. “She’s the type of RA that really listens and contributes significantly in a mature and insightful manner.”

Allanah communicates well with her residents and has found a balance among academics, her RA responsibilities and outside commitments, it was added. (She volunteers with the CAPPA youth-intervention andenrichment program, and is a member of the Multicultural Society.)

“She always has a positive attitude and never complains about working or changing circumstances. Her bubbly personality and work ethic are contagious.”

Lauren PowellMatt WagnerA combined “Fire Safety and Pizza Party” offering organized by Jerikah Hite, Bobby Lamb, Lauren Powell and Matt Wagner was chosen as the Educational Program of the Month.

“Residents of Lancaster and York halls were treated to pizza and music as they learned some important tips on fire prevention and safety from the Penn College Police Department,” staff explained. “Forty-three residents participating in the program had a blast as they learned the do’s and don’ts of fire and electricity.”

The Social Program of the Month was “Late-Night Breakfast,” delivered by the RAs of Campus View: Jaime Ackerman, Amanda Allanah, Emily Carella, Adam Feather, Sarah Matczak, Jonathan Probst, Azeez Salu and Justin Weaver.

Campus View Resident Assistant“Senior RA Jaime Ackerman, along with all of the Campus View RAs, worked together to present this program to their residents,” Residence Life officials said. “Staff worked with a former Campus View resident on a T-shirt design, and Gamma Epsilon Tau assisted with ordering and printing of 70 shirts.

The RAs gathered, cooked and served breakfast to the residents, who then stayed to tie-dye their T-shirts. Students ate pancakes, mingled with friends and enjoyed a very good time.”

With more than 100 residents in attendance, the program was considered a great success.

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