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Regular Part-Time Employees to Earn Personal Leave

Effective July 1, regular part-time employees became eligible to earn and accumulate personal leave.

This Human Resources Governance Committee recommendation was endorsed by College Council and approved bycollege President Davie JaneGilmour. Implementation through the online leave system has been completed. The Personal Leave policy (III 3.03.17) has been revised to reflect leave for regular part-time employees.

Regular part-time employees shall receive personal days based on the following schedule:

  • Employees with one (1) year of college service = 1 day
  • Employees with three (3) years of college service = 2 day
  • Employees with five (5) years of college service = 3 days

Eligibility for personal leave will be based upon years of service as of the first day of each fiscal year, not the anniversary date of hiring.

For each personal-leave day taken, the employee will be paid for five (5) hours regardless of the employee’s work schedule. Personal leave must be taken in five (5) hour blocks. Personal days may accumulate from year to year to a maximum of five (5) days (equivalent 25 hours for regular part-time employees), all of which may be used within one (1) fiscal or school year, subject to the conditions of Policy III 3.03.17 and other policies governing leave.

Regular part-time employees now will appear on the supervisor attendance reports along with all full-time employees.

Questions regarding this benefit should be referred to area supervisors or the Human Resources Office.

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