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Professional Development: Can’t Find It in the Catalog?

The college’s Professional Development Office issues this reminder to faculty and staff:

TheProfessional Development Web sitelists topics that we will schedule as you need them. Here’s how it works: You select the topic, we will search your calendar (along with others who have signed up) and we will schedule the class at a time you can make it. Please keep in mind that some topics require at leastfive people to sign up.”Alternatively, if there is a topic you do not see listed, request it and we will try to schedule it. Again, for most topics we require at leastfive people. Ask us.”If you would like to be directed to professional development off campus, contact us; or, if you need specialized training but do not know where to find it, contact us. We work with a number of directories and training providers and may help you find someone.”

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