Producers Recognize Elementary Art Program

Producers of the “Working Class” public television documentary series recently recognized Canton Elementary School’s art department for participating in the series’ Recycled Art Challenge.

Executive producer Elaine Lambert visited the elementary school and presented papermaking and felting supplies to art teacher Courtney Grieve. Grieve submitted 15 entries of recycled art projects created by students in Grades K-three for the art challenge.

Students at Canton Elementary School and their art teacher, Courtney Grieve, received recognition recently for their participation in the Recycled Art Challenge conducted for the “Working Class: Build and Grow Green” episode of the documentary TV series produced by Penn College and WVIA Public Media.

Students who participated in the challenge are Rosco Barnes, Evelyn Bellows, Kialynne Brown, Adelyn Cardona, Mackenzie Chaapel, Eloise Grace, Manual Halbfoerster, Carter Inman, Jaxson Karpinski, Michael Kinner, Hayley Larson, Taylor Lee, Emilia Pepper, Johnny Roberts and Gavin Sharp.

The Recycled Art Challenge was sponsored by Pennsylvania College of Technology and WVIA Public Media, producers of “Working Class.” The art challenge highlighted themes featured in “Working Class: Build and Grow Green,” an episode featuring “green” career opportunities, which earned a 2017 Telly Award.

The “Working Class” series features students and teachers involved in hands-on activities that connect career awareness and academic subjects.

In addition to public television broadcast, series videos appear on YouTube and the “Working Class” website

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