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Powerful DUI Brochure Refutes ‘That-Will-Never-Happen-to-Me’ Attitude

Two lives forever affected by an alcohol-related traffic fatality are reflected in a brochure being distributed by the Montoursville-based Community Traffic Safety Project and endorsed by Pennsylvania College of Technology Police.

The publication, “Just Another Friday,” recounts the impact of the Sept. 23, 2005, death of Shaun J. Gearhart, a 17-year-old student at Hughesville High School. Offering heartfelt testimonials are Justin Nearhoof, the driver of the car in which Gearhart was a passenger, and Michael P. Bower, whose son was among those killed in the two-vehicle crash. Both also spoke during Penn College’s Alcohol Awareness Week last fall.

“Two years ago, Justin made the unfortunate choice of driving after drinking,” noted Chris Smith, highway safety specialist with the Community Traffic Safety Project. “His decision resulted in the death of his best friend, Shaun. It was just another Friday night football, friends and alcohol It had been done many times before. Who would have known that this time would be so different?”

“Just Another Friday” shares the stories of the young man, whose poor decision cost him the life of his best friend, and of his best friend’s father.

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