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Physician Assistant, Paramedic Students to Lend Hand at LLWS

More than 50 students enrolled in Pennsylvania College of Technology’s paramedic and physician assistant majors will help with medical coverage Aug. 18-27 at the 2006 Little League Baseball World Series.

The students will be ready to offer medical services for thousands who attend and participate in the 10-day international event in South Williamsport.

Paramedic students volunteer their time during games to help with emergency medical services, acting as support staff to Susquehanna Health System paramedics, who supervise them. The paramedic students are certified emergency medical technicians and expect to earn associate degrees in the paramedic major in August 2007. Each student received disaster EMS training, a requirement to participate. They volunteer for seven- to 10-hour periods, with several students signing up for multiple shifts.

Forty-five physician assistant students all juniors and seniors will set up and staff the infirmary in International Grove, the residential area set aside for the baseball teams. Under supervision of Penn College physician assistant faculty members, and working in 12-hour shifts, they will run the infirmary 24 hours a day from Aug. 14, when the first competing team is scheduled to arrive, until the last team leaves.

For the past three years, the Penn College students and faculty have had sole responsibility for staffing the infirmary, where they provide urgent care for players, coaches and their hosts (called “uncles”). Participation has become a course requirement.

In addition to practicing the skills they have learned in class, the students experience what it is like to be part of a large medical team and to work with other agencies for a large event. The students work under the supervision of Dr. David N. Ambrose, medical director for the Little League World Series, and coordinate with athletic trainers, emergency services, the state Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The physician assistant and paramedic students also work closely at the World Series with Dr. Gregory R. Frailey, medical director for the college’s paramedic and physician assistant programs, who heads pre-hospital services for Susquehanna Health System.

Some of the paramedic students who plan to volunteer are: Jason P. Barrett, Williamsport; Adrian S. Brandau, Bloomsburg; Lee Ann Corter, Castanea; Tamara G. Jones, Anchorage, Alaska; Warren M. Schaffer, Riegelsville; Richard S. Shirk, Bernville; and Jessielyn L. Woolbright, Montoursville.

The 45 physician assistant students scheduled to staff the infirmary are: Katie L. Bachman, Pine City, N.Y.; Kelly Ann Bevilaqua, Dallas; Marilyn E. Caldwell, Winston-Salem, N.C.; Jason Chacker, Sewell, N.J.; Chelsea L. Chamberlin, Northumberland; Mandy L. Corman, Snow Shoe; Jennifer A. Daya, Mount Carmel; Amanda M. Derby, Penfield, N.Y.; Chera L. Eichelberger, Montoursville; Mark J. Enzerra, Marysville; Warren V. Everett, Orlando, Fla.; Nathan P. Fenstermacher, Muncy Valley; Jared F. Finck, Sparta, N.J.; Jennifer L. Fritz, Millville; Tyson D. Gillmen, Tyrone; Kati J. Glick, Lewistown; Allison M. Gorenflo, Lawrenceville; Michelle L. Hartford, Canton; Amanda M. Herbst, Milton; Kevin A. Hickman, Benton; Kyle R. Jackson, Elwood City; Kimberly M. Johnson, Oak Ridge, Tenn.; Kellen L. Kreger, Morris; Stephanie R. Krick, Pottsgrove; Sarah J. Landis, Lititz; Bethany K. Lavallee, Jersey Shore; Lauren C. Marino, Hornell, N.Y.; Julie A. McCauley, Harrisburg; Amanda L. Morgan, Ford City; Anthony Ocasio, Bethlehem; Andrea G. Ochoa, Ralston; Amy L. Onderko, Gillett; Amy J. Pencek, Nicholson; Natalie R. Plavi, Elderton; Michael P. Podobinski, Marion Heights; Stephanie L. Richenderfer, Bloomsburg; Tracey L. Seylar, Chambersburg; Le Ann F. Shelmire, Mansfield; Amanda L. Smith, Rochester, N.Y.; Casey W. Strobl, Coplay; Abbey B. Vanderlin, Williamsport; Holly A. Wandell, Canton; Rebecca Weaver, Williamsport; Heather A. Yost, Danville; and Carolyn A. Zerbe, Myerstown.

Physician assistant staff and faculty who will supervise students at the Little League Baseball World Series are Susan Swank-Caschera, assistant professor of physician assistant, who organizes the effort; Joseph Mileto, director of the physician assistant program; and adjunct faculty members Lane R. Bower and Cory D. Sefchick.

For more information about academic programs offered by the School of Health Sciences at Penn College, call (570) 327-4519, send e-mail or visit online.

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