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Penn State Faculty Senate Visits Penn College

Penn College Governance representatives meet with Penn State Faculty Senate officers Penn State Faculty Senate leaders tour the plastics and polymer technology department SGA officers, from right, Andrew R. Christoffel, executive vice president; Steven E. Ritter, vice president of public relations; Brian D. Walton, president; and Thomas P. Garrett, vice president of finance; meet with senate leadership Leaders of the Penn State Faculty Senate Ingrid M. Blood, Senate chair and a professor in the Department of Communication Sciences; Susan C. Youtz, executive secretary and special project associate in the Division of Outreach and Cooperative Extension; Chair-Elect Lee D. Coraor, associate professor in the Computer Science and Engineering Department; and Dr. John P. Boehmer, senate secretary as well as a cardiologist and associate professor of medicine at Milton S. Hershey Medical Center visited Penn College on Wednesday, the year’s last stop among eight affiliated campuses they toured. The group met with the college administration and representatives of the internal Governance system; toured campus with Dr. William J. Martin, senior vice president, and Lizabeth S. Mullens, vice president for academic affairs/provost; lunched at Le Jeune Chef Restaurant; and finished its afternoon interacting with the Student Government Association Executive Board.

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