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Penn College softball player thankful

One week after its posting on Facebook and Twitter, the Pennsylvania College of Technology softball team’s “Virtual Catch” video had nearly 60,000 social media views while its idled players continue to practice social distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The compilation led to another video production by coach Angie Hunley titled “Remote Learning” that had nearly 2,000 views through Saturday, and inspired the Danville High School softball team to produce and post its version of virtual catch, which has more than 1,000 views.

“It’s been fun watching the videos,” Hunley said.

Lexi Heritage, a junior outfielder from New Castle, Delaware, who is set to graduate this year and seek a job in the information technology field, shared a heartfelt message this past week with her teammates and coaches, as her collegiate career ended earlier this month when it was announced that all spring sports had been canceled as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

She said:

“Thank you for making my college experience something I will never forget. To compete at the collegiate level is something that you don’t get many chances at. So my advice to all you freshman: take every day you get to practice and put 100% into everything. Because you never know when it will be your last.

“No one could have predicted how this season would have turned out. When we were told the news on that Thursday (March 12 during spring break action in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina), I was completely heartbroken. I couldn’t accept that I had so much more left in me to give to not myself, but to my team as well. To think that this year, we had so much talent, so much skill, and so much heart and now to not be able to see what damage we would have done in the season was upsetting.

“That night, having the support of my teammates and my coaches meant so much to me. I had what I believe was almost the entire team at one point in my hotel room listening and seeing me cry and being there for each other. That’s what made this team what we call ‘Pack 19.’ Packs stay together and fight till the end. And that is exactly what we did.

“On that Friday (March 13), everyone gave everything they had and it was the best thing I got to witness. This season, while short, I have the best memories and is by far my favorite. From freshmen to our lone senior, they all made it the best it could have been. Whether it was on or off the field, my team had my back.

“I’m going to miss PCT Softball as it was the 2nd family that was by my side when I couldn’t go home to my own. No matter what happens, we are PCT Softball. I already miss the program, but I am more excited to watch this team go to work next year. Thank you PCT Softball for letting me be able to play for a few more years before I had to go to the adult working world. It has been a fun ride.”

Lexi Heritage #2

Final overall: 5-5
NEAC: 0-0
Remainder of season canceled, coronavirus

Final overall: 5-4
NEAC: 0-0
Spring Break Tournament at Myrtle Beach, S.C.
Remainder of season canceled, coronavirus

Remainder of season canceled, coronavirus

Women’s Tennis
Final overall: 1-5 (1-4 fall season)
NEAC: 0-0
Remainder of season canceled, coronavirus

Men’s Tennis
Final overall: 1-5 (1-4 fall season)
NEAC: 0-0
Remainder of season canceled, coronavirus

Spring season canceled, coronavirus

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