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Penn College Presents Student Awards to August Graduates

Pennsylvania College of Technology has presented Student Achievement Awardsto its August 2004 graduates. The award winners are:

PRESIDENT’S AWARD, for leadership and service to the College: Sonya Kae Miller, Jersey Shore, Early Childhood Education.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS’ AWARD, for achievement under exceptional conditions: Kelly Marie Hagerman, Muncy, Human Services.

THE ACADEMIC VICE PRESIDENT AND PROVOST’S AWARD, for scholastic achievement and service: Hussain S. Al Musa, Williamsport, Paramedic Technology.

LEWIS H. BARDO MEMORIAL AWARD, for a student who exemplifies the ideals of Lewis H. Bardo (devotion to duty, helpfulness to others, friendliness, and high ideals): Julie Diane Rutt, Elizabethtown, Paramedic Technology.

ELLEN HARDING BERRY NURSING GRADUATION AWARD, presented to the student who has displayed outstanding scholastic achievement and exceptional ability in practicum and communication skills: Rebecca L. Tyson, Loganton, Practical Nursing.

DENNIS R. DOUGHERTY MEMORIAL AWARD, to the Paramedic graduate who has demonstrated superior field performance during the course of his or her education. The student who has achieved the highest cumulative field-performance grade average will be selected as the recipient: Peter Allen Zielewicz, South Williamsport, Paramedic Technology.

EVANGELICAL COMMUNITY HOSPITAL RADIOGRAPHY STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT AWARD, presented to the student who demonstrates through deportment and demeanor compassion, caring, thoughtfulness, and clinical expertise. The recipient also demonstrates unquestionable ethics, customer courtesy, dependability and loyalty to the profession of radiologic technology: Sandra D. Miller, Milton, Radiography.

THE BETH ANN LAMB MEMORIAL AWARD, presented to the graduate who exhibits a commitment to the radiography program and love of the profession: Catherine Grace Corman, Mill Hall, Radiography.

THELMA S. MORRIS AWARD, presented to the student who has demonstrated outstanding qualities of a practical nurse in the clinical area: Ruth Elizabeth Day, Sunbury, Practical Nursing.

MOUNT NITTANY MEDICAL CENTER EXCELLENCE IN CUSTOMER SERVICE AWARD, presented to the Radiography student who has consistently demonstrated exceptional customer service and commitment to excellence during his or her clinical practicum at Mount Nittany Medical Center: Katy Ann Bottorf, Lock Haven, Radiography.

THE OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY ASSISTANT FACULTY AWARD, to the student who has demonstrated dedicated service to the program: Traci L. Gessner, Mifflinburg, Occupational Therapy Assistant.

PARAMEDIC DIRECTOR’S AWARD, to the student who demonstrates superior performance in all phases of the paramedic curriculum classroom, clinical and field. The student who obtains the highest major GPA will be awarded: Hussain S. Al Musa, Williamsport, Paramedic Technology.

PARAMEDIC HUMANITARIAN AWARD, to the graduate who has best demonstrated the traits and behaviors of a “humanitarian.” The staff, faculty and preceptors conduct a vote, and the student obtaining the greatest number of votes will be awarded: Joseph Peter Frei, Dumont, N.J., Paramedic Technology.

PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT ACHIEVEMENT AWARD, to the student who demonstrates outstanding academic achievement throughout the Physician Assistant Program: Simon Damian Hill, Williamsport, Physician Assistant.

THE RADIOGRAPHY MAJOR FACULTY AND STAFF AWARD, for the student who exemplifies outstanding clinical attributes and technical skill as evidenced through his or her 24-month clinic practicum education: Rachael DeWire Trump, Williamsport, Radiography.

SUSQUEHANNA IMAGING ASSOCIATES AWARD, for the student who most nearly exemplifies the ideals of selflessness, unusual devotion to duty, sensitivity to the patient’s comfort and needs, and service to colleagues, patients, and the hospital, beyond the ordinary: Ian Seth Brown, Williamsport, Radiography.

RUSSELL M. TRAPP PROFESSIONALISM AWARD, to the student who exemplifies dedication and ideals consistent with the Physician Assistant Profession as exhibited by his or her exceptional commitment, comportment and attitude: Eric Stephen Kroner, Lewisburg, Physician Assistant.

HEAVY CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT FACULTY AWARD, to the student who most exemplifies professionalism within the field of Heavy Construction Equipment Technology: Donald Andrew Kellenberger, Mohnton, Heavy Construction Equipment.

AMERICAN INFRASTRUCTURE AWARD, to the top-performing student in Heavy Construction Equipment Technology-Operator Emphasis: Christopher Lutsky, Bloomsburg, Heavy Construction Equipment Technology-Operator Emphasis.

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