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Penn College Physics Professor Writes Laboratory Manual

A physics professor’s quest to create inspiring and practical lab exercises for his students has resulted in the publication of a physics laboratory manual published by Kendall Hunt Publishing Co.

“Physics Laboratory Manual: Physics with Technological Applications” is written by Joseph E. LeBlanc, professor of physics at Pennsylvania College of Technology.

The manual is the result of more than 10 years of work for LeBlanc, who began compiling his own physics lab exercises out of a desire to create stronger relevance for his students in applied technology majors.

Joseph E. LeBlanc
Joseph E. LeBlanc

“For many years, I followed the ‘standard sequence’ of topics in a physics textbook, but eventually realized that it was neither essential nor valuable for the needs of my students of technologies and trades who desired to conceptually understand the fundamental phenomena in some of the technologies and devices they interacted with,” LeBlanc said.

In addition to exciting students’ curiosity and imagination, LeBlanc strives to enhance their understanding with topics more closely related to their lives and academic studies.

LeBlanc's “Physics Laboratory Manual: Physics with Technological Applications”
LeBlanc’s “Physics Laboratory Manual: Physics with Technological Applications”

“Creating stronger relevance for a student will increase the likelihood of the critical course concepts transferring to long-term memory, thus allowing students to apply their learning throughout their program of study and career,” LeBlanc said.

LeBlanc has taught at Penn College for 17 years, and instructs students in many majors from radiography to aviation technology.

LeBlanc holds a doctorate in aerospace engineering from Nagoya University in Japan; a Master of Science in physics from California State University, Northridge; and a Bachelor of Science in physics from University of Puerto Rico. He received Penn College’s Excellence in Teaching Award in 2004 and is a member of the American Association of Physics Teachers.

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