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Penn College offering free FAFSA assistance

The Financial Aid Office at Pennsylvania College of Technology is providing assistance for current and future college students and their families to complete the 2021-22 Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

The FAFSA is required by colleges and universities to determine student eligibility for federal and state grants, federal loans and some scholarships. The college is hosting a free FAFSA completion group session on its main campus and offering one-on-one help in the Financial Aid Office.

Registration is required for both options.

The group session is scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 14, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., in Room 1049 of the college’s Student and Administrative Services Center. Students currently enrolled or planning to attend any college or university are invited. Students born during or after 1998 should be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Space is limited.

Most first-time students can complete the FAFSA within 45 minutes. Attendees planning to submit their FAFSA during the session should create a student and/or parent FSA ID at least three days prior. They should also bring copies of their 2019 financial documents, including federal tax returns, W-2 forms, untaxed income statements, record of child support paid or received, and amount of their current assets.

Individuals who register for a one-on-one meeting will receive an email listing items to bring.

In both settings, Financial Aid staff will help student and parent taxpayers use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool, which allows FAFSA filers to electronically transfer federal tax return information into the FAFSA.

“I am excited that our team is able to again offer this opportunity for prospective and current students,” said Jessica S. Hunter, director of financial aid. “Completing the FAFSA is so important. It truly is the cornerstone application in the financial aid process. Our goal is to help each student lay a foundation that puts them in position to maximize all financial aid resources. We are here to help students and their families successfully navigate the process.”

For more information and to register for the group session or one-on-one assistance, visit, email or call the Financial Aid Office at 570-327-4766.

Penn College is a national leader in applied technology education. Email the Admissions Office or call toll-free 800-367-9222.

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