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Penn College Hosting PFEW Session for Third Summer

PFEW participants hear from Ann M. Giacobbi, manager of internal audit and risk advisory services for Schneider Downs & Co. Inc. Students take notes from entrepreneurial heavy hitters John J. Trombetta, president and CEO of Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week, fires up the crowd at Monday's General Assembly in the ACC AuditoriumNearly 300 high school students from across the commonwealth are on Penn College’s main campus through Saturday for the latest session of Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week, at which loaned executives share their business acumen with rising (and highly motivated) high school juniors. For the students, the week ahead will offer the opportunity to form competitive companies dealing in cellphones and MP3 players, backpacks and sneakers and face many of the same business decisions experienced by actual players in the global marketplace. For the college, in its third year as a host, PFEW presents a unique opportunity to showcase its academic programs, co-curricular offerings, support services and campus facilities.

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