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Penn College Diesel Students Again Experience Hybrid Technology

The Coca-Cola Company of New York Inc. recently loaned one of the hybrid trucks to Pennsylvania College of Technology's School of Natural Resources Management for use by diesel equipment technology students.The Coca-Cola Bottling Company of New York Inc. recently loaned another of its Kenworth hybrid trucks to Pennsylvania College of Technology’s School of Natural Resources Management to be used as a teaching tool in the college’s diesel equipment technology major.

Students in instructor Mark E. Sones’ Automated Power Train and Hybrid Drive Systems course used the vehicle during the final few weeks of the Spring 2010 semester to study the operation and diagnostics of the Eaton automated transmission and hybrid electric drive unit.

“The hands-on experience for our diesel students with this level of technology is truly priceless,” Sones said. “Shane Connor of the Eaton Corp., along with James Onufrak of Coca-Cola, has put forth a great effort to supply our program with equipment that is on the cutting edge of technology. Having these vehicles and systems for a lab situation provides us “˜real-world’ exposure to the unique approach to safety and service required by the hybrid vehicle systems.”

Onufrak is a 1982 diesel mechanics graduate of Williamsport Area Community College, Penn College’s immediate predecessor institution.

Students in instructor Claude T. Witts’ Vehicle Electronics/Diagnostic Procedures class used the truck to discuss emission regulations, as well as the components that enable the diesel industry to meet those requirements.

“The truck was equipped to meet 2007 emission standards, which provided the students a valuable opportunity to work with the components utilized in the system,” Witts said. “The students were also able to connect to the vehicle’s electronic system and see the actual process of performing diesel particulate filter regeneration.”

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