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Penn College Apprenticeship Programs Get State Grant Support

Pennsylvania College of Technology continues to lead the region in addressing the skills gap through apprenticeship programs, and a $49,523 capacity-building grant awarded to the college by the state Department of Labor & Industry will help assist those efforts.

The funding, announced this week by Gov. Tom Wolf, will be used to support two Penn College registered apprenticeship programs: one each in mechatronics and computer numerical control. The high-demand programs will serve the needs of at least 40 apprentices from at least 14 companies.

As program sponsor, Penn College will provide curriculum development, apprenticeship standards, program coordination, apprentice progress monitoring and maintenance of required records. This will enable numerous employers across multiple industry sectors to participate in Penn College’s innovative group model.

The college is spearheading a number of initiatives to help employers, schools and employees take advantage of the many opportunities associated with apprenticeships in Pennsylvania. The program model will form the basis for future apprenticeship programs in high-demand areas such as plastics and health care.

The college is also developing programs to provide foundational knowledge and build awareness of the opportunities in advanced manufacturing careers among high school students who may ultimately become tomorrow’s apprentices.

“Penn College is uniquely positioned to leverage its expertise to deliver these innovative programs that meet the needs of companies and individuals,” said Shannon Munro, vice president for workforce development at Penn College. “These funds will allow us to rapidly deliver critical skill-building apprenticeship programs to companies who need them.”

All told, the Department of Labor & Industry awarded $3.5 million for 61 grants supporting pre-apprentice and apprenticeship programs across Pennsylvania.

The four-year mechatronics apprenticeship program began at Penn College on April 5, while the three-year CNC apprenticeship program, which still has a few available spaces, begins May 16.

Employers who wish to participate should call 570-327-4775.

For more about Penn College, a national leader in applied technology education and workforce development, call toll-free 800-367-9222.

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