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Penn College Announces Dean’s List for Spring 2003

The Spring 2003 dean’s list has been announced at Pennsylvania College of Technology:

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Nicole L Abbey , Early Childhood Education, Ulysses
Russell H Ackley Jr, Plumbing, Danville
Dustin R Adams, Electrical Occupations, Mayport
Maen M Ahmad, Automotive Technology Management, Williamsport
Louis J Aiello, Technical and Professional Communication, Covington
Michael J Akers, General Studies, Muncy
Mohammed A Al Mohammed Saleh, Paramedic Technology, Williamsport
Hussain S Al Musa, Pre-Paramedic Technology, Williamsport
John G Albanese, Electronics Engineering Technology, Point Pleasant Beach N.J.
Andrea A Albright, Pre-Nursing, Newville
Scott E Allen, Building Construction Technology, Reston, Va.
Justin D Amsler, Heavy Construction Equipment Technology, Shippenville
Brian H Anderson, Masonry Emphasis, Havre De Grace, Md.
Jamon E Andrus, Human Services, Castanea
Shawn M Applegarth, Automotive Technology, Lancaster
Erin M Ardrey, Advertising Art, Athens
Erich M Armpriester, Toolmaking Technology, Wernersville
Jeffrey N Armstrong, Pre-Applied Health Studies, Montoursville
Andrew M Artz, Toolmaking Technology, Wyomissing
Zabrina M Ashton, General Studies, Turbotville
Joe I Atiyeh, Electrical Technology, Whitehall
David S Atkinson, Building Construction Technology, State College
Jennifer M Ault, Pre-Nursing, Williamsport
Theodore D Austin, Civil Engineering Technology, Jersey Shore

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Brady S Bachman , Construction Carpentry, Kreamer
Kyle A Bachman, Management Information Systems Concentration, Smethport
Eric B Bagley, Banking and Finance Concentration, Williamsport
Timothy A Bahr, Forest Technology, Dushore
Debra A Baier, Technology Management, Jersey Shore
Jason C Bakaj, Architectural Technology, Bellefonte
Amy H Baker, General Studies, New Columbia
Dwayne B Baker, Automotive Technology, Windber
Michael S Baker, Internetworking Application Development Concentration, Mill Hall
Aaron J Balch, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, West Chester
Randy L Baldwin, Legal Assistant/Paralegal, Lock Haven
Brenda C Ballard, Networking and Technical Support, Lock Haven
Toby M Baltzer, Computer Aided Product Design, Trout Run
Dorice J Banks, Practical Nursing, Williamsport
Travis C Barnhart, Automotive Technology Management, Hanover
Erin M Barrett, Dental Hygiene, Curwensville
Wendy S Barto, Nursing, Avis
Victor J Barvitskie, Computer Aided Product Design, Coal Township
Jonathan W Basiago, Internetworking Application Development Concentration, Summit Hill
Nathaniel L Baum, Landscape/Nursery Technology, Elizabethtown
Stephanie L Beam, Pre-Dental Hygiene, Shippensburg
Allen S Beck, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Williamsport
Donna L Becker, Individual Studies, Montoursville
Matthew A Bednar, Cabinetmaking and Millwork, Coal Township
Brian T Bell, Heavy Construction Equipment Technology, Jeannette
Joel J Bell, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Wilkes-Barre
Tiffany M Bell, Architectural Technology, Lewistown
Christopher A Bennett, Internetworking Application Development Concentration, Riverside
Daniel R Bennett, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Crofton, Md.
Richard G Bennett, Mass Communications, Lebanon
Nicholas Benvin, Welding, Watsontown
Kirk T Beres, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Osceola Mills
Tammy K Berkheiser, Applied Human Services, Williamsport
Ross A Berntson, Graphic Design, Landsdale
Alicia M Betz, Technology Management, Watsontown
Justin E Betzer, Construction Carpentry, Muncy
Seth R Beyer, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Hanover
Candace A Bierly, Physical Fitness Specialist, South Williamsport
Zachariah P Biichle, Environmental Technology, Williamsport
Ryan A Bilger, Computer Aided Drafting Technology, Curwensville
Jodi L Binkley, Early Childhood Education, South Williamsport
Ryan M Black, Automotive Technology Management, Chambersburg
Henry F Blackstock IV, Biology, Williamsport
Jennifer A Blackwell, Accounting, Montoursville
Erica L Blair, General Studies, Pennsdale
Kevin P Blair, Automotive Technology Management, Cambridge, Ohio
Mable A Blair, Building Construction Technology, Williamsport
Michael J Blakeslee, Internetworking Application Development Concentration, Harrisburg
Mark A Blanchard, Graphic Communications Management, Watsontown
Casey W Bliss, Computer Aided Drafting Technology, Clarendon
John T Bloomer, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, South Williamsport
Jeremy S Boatman, Building Construction Technology, Williamsport
Kristina M Bobb, Advertising Art, Muncy Valley
Matthew J Bolduc, Pre-Nursing, Winfield
Joshua A Boner, Graphic Design, Springville
Rebecca S Bonnell, Accounting, Jersey Shore
Samuel J Borneman, Technology Management, East Greenville
David A Bortel, Nursing-Advance Placement-Evangelical, Danville
Victoria M Bower, Pre-Nursing, Selinsgrove
Wade A Bower, Networking and Technical Support, Bloomsburg
Torin D Bowers, Cabinetmaking and Millwork, Williamsport
Raquel A Bowman, Advertising Art, Jersey Shore
Rebecca A Boyce, Practical Nursing, Lewisburg
Jaclyn A Boyd, Graphic Design, Jersey Shore
Kristie S Boyd, Architectural Technology, Breinigsville
Jacqueline D Boyer, Advertising Art, Windber
Mark E Brady, Aviation Technology, Williamsport
Isaac R Bragunier, Civil Engineering Technology, Middletown
Destiny M Branthoover, General Studies, Williamsport
Jason L Breneman, Toyota Emphasis, Elizabethtown
James W Breon, Technology Management, Howard
Samuel N Bressi, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Kulpmont
Lorraine V Brickley, Floral Design/Interior Plantscape, Blanchard
Christy L Brink, Floral Design/Interior Plantscape, Irvona
Jennifer R Brinkley, Welding and Fabrication Engineering Technology, Worthington
Kerry L Broadt, Architectural Technology, Bloomsburg
John R Brodie, Legal Assistant/Paralegal Studies, Shamokin
Patrick B Broschart, Analysis and Design Concentration, Dushore
Mary E Brotzman, Applied Human Services, Benton
Jason L Broughton, Advertising Art, Morris
Joshua J Brouillette, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Allenwood
Adam D Brower, CAT Emphasis, Taneytown, Md.
Darlene E Brown, Pre-Nursing, Danville
Nancy M Brown, Legal Assistant/Paralegal, Shoemakersville
Tara S Brubaker, Baking and Pastry Arts, Altoona
Darren M Brungart, Construction Carpentry, Spring Mills
Cristina L Brush, Civil Engineering Technology, Jersey Shore
T Brush, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Jersey Shore
Ashley J Bryerton, Early Childhood Education, Lock Haven
Tonya M Bubb, Pre-Dental Hygiene (B.S)., Montoursville
Chad E Bubnis, Graphic Design, Lewisburg
Travis J Buck, Graphic Design, Myerstown
William E Buckner, Pre-Physician Assistant, Elizabethtown
Melissa M Budinger, Pre-Nursing, Jersey Shore
Scott J Bungo, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Ramey
Erich B Burger, Automotive Technology, Aaronsburg
Beth A Burleigh, Technology Management, Muncy
Brian J Buss, Aviation Maintenance Technology, York
Michael G Buteas, Building Construction Technology, South Plainfield, N.J.
Debra L Butler, Health Information Technology, Morris
Iris A Butler, General Studies, Morris
Ryan C Buttorff, Construction Carpentry, Jersey Shore
Matthew L Byers, Graphic Design, Milton
Michael L Byers, Graphic Design, Milton
Ryan M Byers, Graphic Design, Milton

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Brock A Cahoon , Culinary Arts Technology, Bloomsburg
Jessica A Cain, Pre-Nursing, Muncy
Jessie E Camp, Forest Technology, Muncy
Amanda J Campbell, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Newport
William Caprio, Legal Assistant/Paralegal Studies, Williamsport
Richard N Caputo, Graphic Design, Hazleton
Steven C Carey, Forest Technology, Williamsport
Erika R Carper, Management Concentration, South Williamsport
Naykeshia M Carson, General Studies, Williamsport
Adam J Cartwright III, Construction Management, Conyngham
Nicole L Charles, Human Services, Hughesville
Brian J Chelton, Technology Management, Titusville
Aiguo Chen, Accounting, Williamsport
Noelle L Chilmonik, Graphic Design, Montgomery
Tonya W Chopick, Business Management, Jersey Shore
Stephen R Chryn, Automotive Technology Management, Greenville, N.H.
Leonard V Cicchiello, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Mount Carmel
Dona L Cillo, Medical Emphasis, Montoursville
Angela M Cimino, Hospitality Management, Mount Carmel
Anthony M Ciriello, Aviation Maintenance Technician, Belford, N.J.
Seneka L Cisco, Accounting, Wellsboro
Benjamin E Clark, Aviation Technology, Mechanicsburg
Jennifer L Clark, Office Information Systems, Montgomery
Rebecca A Clawson, Biology, Sayre
Brian K Clayton, Early Childhood Education, Williamsport
Jared S Clayton, Toolmaking Technology, East Waterford
Erin L Clementoni, General Studies, Hughesville
Brent A Clever, Construction Carpentry, Windsor
Aaron W Clewell, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Milton
Kyle T Clouse, Forest Technology, Julian
Mathew J Coast, Architectural Technology, Duke Center
William J Cohick, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Williamsport
Alexander J Colegrove, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Mansfield
Timothy A Coleman, Automotive Technology Management, Elmer, N.J.
Jacob B Collis, Construction Management, Martinsburg, W. Va.
Katie J Condell, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Ellwood City
Bradley D Confair, Networking and Technical Support, Jersey Shore
John A Connelly, Building Automation Technology, Waldorf, Md.
Kristen E Cook, Graphic Design, Excelsior
Robert E Cooper, Computer Automation Maintenance Emphasis, Danville
Shane B Cooper, Cabinetmaking and Millwork, Picture Rocks
Benjamin W Copenhaver, Building Construction Technology, Reinholds
Catherine G Corman, Radiography, Mill Hall
David A Counsil, Early Childhood Education, South Williamsport
Devin D Courtney, Internetworking Application Development Concentration, Mercer
Patrick W Coyle, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Milton
Robert T Coyle Jr, Computer Aided Product Design, Easton
Miriam C Crane, Practical Nursing Emphasis, Dushore
Jonathan L Cresswell, Masonry Emphasis, Schuylkill Haven
Amanda Cropf, Advertising Art, Danville
Eric J Croston, Automotive Engineering Technology, Milford
Nicole E Crouse, Graphic Design, York
Donald R Croyle, Forest Technology, Grassflat
Clinton M Cullison, Marketing Concentration, Harrisburg
Robert L Curley, Heavy Construction Equipment Technology, Russell
Jessica R Cyphert, Advertising Art, Leeper [Back to Top]
Rachel E Dalby , Pre-Physician Assistant, Arnold, Md.
Wenda G Daly, Technology Management, Muncy Valley
Paul C Dana, Analysis and Design Concentration, Milton
Christopher R Danielson, Construction Carpentry, Kane
Jonathan S Darrah, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Coudersport
Brett L Davidson, Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, Walnut Bottom
Derek J Davis, Electrical Occupations, Belleville
Joshua S Davis, Individual Studies, Chambersburg
Justin L Davis, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Montrose
Justin S Davis, Welding and Fabrication Engineering Technology, Westminster, Md.
Jasmine M De Green, Pre-Physician Assistant, Danville
Phillip M De Rose, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Bloomsburg
Chanyn M De Shong, Graphic Design, Red Lion
Daniel J De Trolio, Ford Asset, Whippany, N.J.
Eric M Deardorff, Construction Management, Chambersburg
Lisa D Deetz, Physician Assistant, Lewisburg
Mark J Deibert, Programming and Database Processing, Williamsport
Julio Delgado Jr, Management Concentration, Sunbury
Benjamin R Delp, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Schuylkill Haven
Brandi L Delp, Pre-Physician Assistant, Dillsburg
Mark E Derr, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Williamsport
Jason M Dershem, Civil Engineering Technology, Mill Hall
P Deskevich, Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, Johnstown
Ka Juan Dew, Pre-Nursing, Williamsport
Brooke F Dewalt, Dental Hygiene, Dornsife
William J Di Domenico, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Bloomsburg
Aurora D Di Rocco, Advertising Art, Cogan Station
Lucas J Dietrich, Heavy Construction Equipment Technology, Coal Township
Jeremy D Dille, HVAC Technology, Industry
Justin T Dittman, Toolmaking Technology, Oil City
Gaye Ann P Dixon, Pre-Nursing, Ontario Canada FF
Jason L Dohl, Construction Management, Muncy
Rebecca J Dohl, Pre-Nursing, Muncy
Robert F Dominic Jr, Computer Aided Drafting Technology, Nesquehoning
Kimberly A Donahey, Culinary Arts Technology, Bellefonte
James B Donaldson, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Muncy Valley
Heather S Dorman, Pre-Physician Assistant, Picture Rocks
Michael J Dougher, Aviation Maintenance Technician, Jersey Shore
Amy R Dougherty, Legal Assistant/Paralegal, Jersey Shore
Cathy M Dremel, Management Concentration, Hyner
Jason A Drusak, Management Information Systems Concentration, Johnstown
Benjamin J Duddleston, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Interlaken, N.Y.
Richard D Duhig, Computer Aided Product Design, Bethlehem
Michael H Dukeman, Physical Fitness Specialist, Bellefonte
Frank E Dunker, Collision Repair Technology, Bordentown, N.J.
Joseph A Duskasky, Electric Power Generation Technology, Wapwallopen
Reyna M Dziobecki, General Studies, Lewisburg [Back to Top]
Samuel D Easter , Cabinetmaking and Millwork, Herndon
Max H Easton III, Construction Management, Trout Run
Dianne M Eberle, Nursing, New Columbia
Charlene F Ebner, Human Services, DuBoistown
Jeremy D Eckard, Semiconductor Processing Technology, Cogan Station
Ryan L Eckenrode, Graphic Communications Management, York
John F Eckert, Electrical Technology, Ridgway
James J Eckl, Building Construction Technology, St. Marys
Robert E Eisley Jr, Civil Engineering Technology, Milton
Jason C Eiswerth, Business Management, Cogan Station
Nathan J Ekkens, Automotive Technology, Easton
Patricia A Eldred, Accounting, Avis
Jonathan W Elliott, Construction Management, State College
Sarah K Elliott, Graphic Design, New Alexandria
Jeremy M Ellis, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Loganton
Kenneth A Ellis, Welding and Fabrication Engineering Technology, Williamsport
Jason K Embick, Industrial Maintenance Technology, Jersey Shore
Seth T Emery, Toolmaking Technology, South Williamsport
Daniel J Erbe, Landscape/Nursery Technology, Hanover
James N Evanko, Electronics Engineering Technology, Mountaintop
Hillary A Evans, Dental Hygiene, Tionesta
Sharron J Eyer, Baking and Pastry Arts, Danville
William C Eyer, Collision Repair Technology, Millville [Back to Top]
Christopher P Faerber , Building Automation Technology, Williamsport
Zachary P Fagan, Civil Engineering Technology, Rockford, Minn.
Christopher D Farrington, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Mill Hall
Brian K Farthing, Automated Manufacturing Technology, Millville, N.J.
Jason E Feigles, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Hughesville
Shannon E Felmey, Pre-Nursing, Mifflinburg
Samuel D Fenstermaker, Diesel Technology, Jersey Shore
Donna M Ferari, Health Policy and Administration Concentration, South Williamsport
Karin M Ferrizzi, Health Policy and Administration Concentration, Lansdale
Eric H Fetter, Forest Technology, Newmanstown
Kevin W Fick, Technology Management, Northumberland
Peter M Fiorot, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Pen Argyl
Michael R Fisher, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Finleyville
Michael W Fisher, Small Business and Entrepreneurship Concentration, Bellefonte
Thomas A Fisher, Collision Repair Technician, Lewistown
Bryan P Fitzgerald, Automotive Technology Management, State College
Michael W Fleming, Aviation Maintenance Technician, Williamsport
Peggy A Flook, Accounting, Williamsport
Jerome M Floyd, Accounting, Montoursville
Steven C Floyd, Toolmaking Technology, Williamsport
Denise R Folmar, Nursing, Antes Fort
Luke C Forgeng, Building Construction Technology, Liberty
Geoffrey L Forney, Collision Repair Technology, Hickory
Rashelle L Foust, Pre-Physician Assistant, Danville
Patricia L Fox, Business Administration, Williamsport
Elizabeth A Franzen, Management Concentration, Williamsport
Timothy S Fritz, Graphic Design, Bethlehem
John D Fryer, Civil Engineering Technology, Lock Haven [Back to Top]
Benjamin A Gair IV , General Studies, South Williamsport
Jonathan P Gallo, Management Information Systems Concentration, Montoursville
Bradley S Galloway, Electronics Technology, York
Jeffrey S Gardner, Networking and Technical Support, Mill Hall
Justin C Garner, Automotive Technology, Montrose
Kevin L Gascho, Electronics Technology, Morgantown
Cristopher J Gebhardt, Architectural Technology, Bethlehem
Linda S Geise, Hospitality Management, Watsontown
Todd J Geise, Aviation Maintenance Technician, Milton
David S George, General Studies, Williamsport
Philip G George, Construction Management, Shavertown
Nadine A Gerhard, Radiography Concentration, Weatherly
Kendra T Geromi, Electronics Engineering Technology, Muncy
Gregory J Gerwitz, Welding and Fabrication Engineering Technology, Cuba, N.Y.
Sherry L Getgen, Business Management, Jersey Shore
Cathleen S Gibson, Practical Nursing, Jersey Shore
Joanne Giese, Health Policy and Administration Concentration, Gilbertsville
Dennis E Gilbert, Technology Management, Montoursville
Brian E Gillette, Construction Management, Conneautville
Robert C Girard, General Studies, Williamsport
Adam D Glick, Electrical Technology, Belleville
Samuel B Glick, Electrical Occupations, Belleville
John P Glosek, Automotive Technology, Emporium
Steven C Goldberg, Computer Aided Drafting Technology, State College
Georgianna J Gomez, Practical Nursing, Montgomery
Tai E Gonsalves, Floral Design/Interior Plantscape, Fleetwood
Kristopher D Good, Diesel Technology, Mountville
Grace E Goodbrod, Practical Nursing Emphasis, South Williamsport
Michael L Goodemote, Toolmaking Technology, Transfer
Brandon A Goodling, Automotive Technology, York
Chad Goodman, Building Construction Technology, Greensburg
Lee W Gottschall, Radiography, State College
Angelia C Grady, Pre-Applied Health Studies, Beulaville, N.C.
Benjamin T Grams, Welding and Fabrication Engineering Technology, Pennsburg
Nathan C Graybill, Landscape/Nursery Technology, McAlisterville
Daniel W Greenaway, Plastics and Polymer Technology, Jersey Shore
Tyrel A Greenland, Electronics Engineering Technology, Three Springs
Lester L Greevy III, Automotive Technology Management, Jersey Shore
Renee C Gregoire, Business Management, Williamsport
Jonah P Gregory, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Trout Run
Christina M Gresko, General Studies, South Williamsport
Charles J Griffis, Collision Repair Technology, Williamsport
Steven L Grimm, Toolmaking Technology, Selinsgrove
Chad M Groff, Landscape/Nursery Technology, Lewisburg
Jason C Gross, Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, Dover
Jason R Grottini, Environmental Technology, Riverside
Kermit R Grove, Electrical Occupations, Williamsport
Mandy M Grove, Legal Assistant/Paralegal, Spring Mills
Sabrina J Guffey, Legal Assistant/Paralegal, New Columbia
Susan K Guinter, Technical and Professional Communication, Williamsport
Rebecca M Guiser, Business Management, Williamsport
Mary Ann Gustitus, Applied Human Services, South Williamsport
Brett W Gutshall, Automotive Technology Management, Carlisle
Robert C Guyer, Civil Engineering Technology, State College [Back to Top]
Arthur T Hagelgans , Physician Assistant, Hazelton
James C Hakes, Programming and Database Processing, Montoursville
Kyle L Hall, General Studies, Morris
Rachel S Hall, Culinary Arts Technology, Altoona
Thomas D Hall, Civil Engineering Technology, Covington
Darlene M Hamm, Practical Nursing-Developmental, Montoursville
Joshua J Hammer, Analysis and Design Concentration, Myerstown
Eric M Hammerschmidt, Building Construction Technology, East Lansing, Mich.
Jesse R Hampsher, General Studies, Trout Run
Jasslynn L Hannan, General Studies, Williamsport
Nathan I Harbst, Automotive Service Technician, Warriors Mark
Heather M Hardy, Pre-Dental Hygiene, Lewisburg
Shannon J Hardy, General Studies, Altoona
Ashley Harper, Hospitality Management, Granville Summit
Dustin C Harper, Culinary Arts Technology, Granville Summit
Christy L Harriman, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Forksville
Nadine M Harris, Management Concentration, Williamsport
Joel T Harrison, Construction Carpentry, Cogan Station
Kathryn M Harrison, Automotive Technology, Fair Lawn, N.J.
Kevin A Hart, Cabinetmaking and Millwork, Lewes, Del.
Eric W Hartman, Computer Aided Product Design, Muncy
Tristan D Hauck, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Watsontown
Jason R Hawley, Banking and Finance Concentration, Montrose
Michael G Haynes, Civil Engineering Technology, Snow Shoe
Sherman M Heaster III, Heavy Construction Equipment Technology, Williamsport
Sherry L Heckman, Applied Human Services, Muncy
Tuesday R Heckman, Technology Management, Williamsport
Darin L Heintzelman, Electromechanical, Chambersburg
John L Hendrickson Jr, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Danville
Matthew A Henneke, Graphic Design, Holland
Christopher J Hepburn, Management Concentration, South Williamsport
Quinn A Hepler, HVAC Technology, Butler
Katye M Herr, Dental Hygiene, Spring Grove
Sezan P Hessou, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Williamsport
Barton M Hetrick Jr, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Wayne
Andrew K Hill, Building Construction Technology, Lancaster
Simon D Hill, Physician Assistant, Williamsport
Gail L Hills, Legal Assistant/Paralegal, Williamsport
Anne L Hindman, Accounting, Williamsport
Benjamin A Hinson, Collision Repair Technology, Dillsburg
Paul W Hitesman Jr, Technology Management, Allenwood
Sarah E Hoch, Technology Management, Fleetwood
Beau J Hoffa, Diesel Technology, Hamburg
Danielle N Hoffman, Civil Engineering Technology, Williamsport
Brian W Hohenshilt, Construction Management, York
William B Holbein, Diesel Technology, Indiana
Elizabeth A Hollingsworth, Legal Assistant/Paralegal Studies, Muncy
Stephen M Hollock, Electronics Engineering Technology, Otego, N.Y.
Melissa S Holmes, Applied Human Services, Montoursville
Michael E Holmes, Technology Management, Lock Haven
Thomas A Holmes, Accounting, Hughesville
Douglas B Holzer, Electrical Technology, Wrightsville
Steve L Hood, Analysis and Design Concentration, Johnsonburg
Jason A Hoover, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Saxton
John G Hope, Electronics Technology, Carlisle
Matthew D Horn, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Shamokin
Olivia A Horn, Technology Management, Montoursville
Richard C Hornberger, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Dallastown
Scott C Horner, Building Construction Technology, Windber
Danette L Hostetter, Legal Assistant/Paralegal Studies, Annville
Doyle R Hostetter, Diesel Technology, Rockwood
Robin L Householder, General Studies, Lock Haven
Sherry A Houtz, Applied Human Services, State College
Dustin R Howell, Architectural Technology, Curwensville
James R Hower, HVAC Technology, Bath
Raymond J Howlett, Computer Applications Technology, Williamsport
Sarah E Hrapowicki, Architectural Technology, McEwensville
Christopher L Huff, Automotive Technology, Aroda. Va.
Jonathan H Hufman, Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, Somerset
Michael D Hufnagle, Physician Assistant, Lewisburg
Allan J Hughey, Cabinetmaking and Millwork, Williamsport
Justin D Humes, Construction Management, Jamison
Ryan L Hummel, Cabinetmaking and Millwork, Pine Grove
Garry L Hurley Jr, Internetworking Application Development Concentration, Cogan Station
Todd A Husson, Pre-Physician Assistant, Williamsport
Sherry L Hyland, Nursing, Linden
Daniel R Hyson, Physical Fitness Specialist, Stewartstown
David L Hyson, Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, Stewartstown [Back to Top]
Krista F Ingram , Biology, Du Bois
Daniel R Izer, HVAC Technology, Greencastle [Back to Top]
Krystal M Jackson , Dental Hygiene, Terre Hill
Adam M Jacobs, Construction Carpentry, Gettysburg
Scott M Jacobs, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Enola
Paul Jacobsen Rains, Automotive Technology, South Williamsport
Daniel J Janovicz, Automated Manufacturing Technology, Willington, Conn.
Michelle M Jeffery, Computer Aided Product Design, Wyalusing
Kathryn A Jenny, Architectural Technology, Lewisburg
Brian M Jesberger, Networking and Technical Support, Renovo
Anissa L Johns, Mass Communications, Montoursville
Adam W Johnson, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Millville
Jessica A Johnson, Individual Studies, Muncy
Louis F Johnson Jr, Technology Management, Montoursville
Shannon J Jolley, Pre-Radiography, Lock Haven
Casey A Jones, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Allentown
Kyle G Jones, Automotive Technology, Tremont
Nina M Jordan, Broadcast Communications, Sybertsville
Tiffany L Joyner, Pre-Nursing, Stewartstown [Back to Top]
Adam F Kaczor , Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Collegeville
Laszlo Kadar, Automotive Technology Management, Hackensack, N.J.
Dawn M Kaelin, Nursing, Jersey Shore
Terri L Karns, Early Childhood Education, Millville
Stephen J Karwoski, Ford Asset, Boothwyn
Jon T Kashetta, Electronics Engineering Technology, Lewisburg
Wayne S Keen Jr, Welding, Avis
Nicole B Keeperman, Management Concentration, Milton
Amanda M Kehoe, Physical Fitness Specialist, State College
Keith A Keller, Electrical Occupations, Renovo
John A Kenyon, Networking and Technical Support, Lock Haven
Jeffrey S Kerr II, Civil Engineering Technology, Bloomsburg
Heather A Kerstetter, Pre-Nursing, Milton
Amber M Khan, Health Policy and Administration Concentration, Absecon, N.J.
Kara L Kightlinger, Occupational Therapy Assistant Concentration, Williamsport
Matthew R Kiker, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Mechanicsburg
Chad E Kilheffer, Computer Aided Drafting Technology, Millersville
Andrew J Killian, Architectural Technology, Newville
Mandy M Kilmer, Applied Human Services, Sayre
Daniel K Kim, General Studies, Paramus, N.J.
Jung Eun Kim, Legal Assistant/Paralegal, Williamsport
Megan M Kingsley, Landscape/Nursery Technology, Milan
Bart R Kinley, Aviation Technology, Williamsport
Michael P Kinley, Electronics Engineering Technology, Red Lion
Jo Ann M Kinney, Legal Assistant/Paralegal, Montoursville
Carlton F Kinzer, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Lititz
Jason D Kish, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Nazareth
Jacqueline M Kitchen, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Williamsport
Kortney M Klapec, Computer Aided Drafting Technology, Sandy Lake
Jacob W Kline, Broadcast Communications, Berwick
Laura L Kline, Baking and Pastry Arts, Spring Mills
Casey J Klingborg, Cabinetmaking and Millwork, South Williamsport
Michael W Klinger, Business Management, Jersey Shore
Joseph W Knapick, Surveying Technology, Coal Township
Wanda G Knapp, Pre-Nursing, Williamsport
Christine M Knipe, Human Services, Linden
Steven J Kochan, Automotive Technology Management, Clifton, N.J.
Joseph A Korba, Mass Communications, Weatherly
Alicia Kort, Forest Technology, Kulpmont
Brandee J Krall, Management Concentration, Milton
Colleen M Krall, Management Concentration, Watsontown
Douglass A Kratz, Building Construction Technology, Sinking Springs
Heather L Kreitz, Legal Assistant/Paralegal, Montoursville
Kimberly J Kremer, Architectural Technology, Mifflinburg
Matthew D Krepps, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Aspers
Gail A Krifka, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Enola [Back to Top]
Joseph L La Forney , Aviation Maintenance Technology, Wapwallopen
Christopher A La Pay, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Export
James F Lambert, Surveying Technology, Dushore
Christopher S Landis, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Birdsboro
Jennifer A Larkin, Graphic Design, West Lawn
Scott Larson, Electronics Engineering Technology, Williamsport
Joseph M Lasso, Ford Asset, Freemansburg
James W Lattimer III, Toolmaking Technology, Rochester Mills
William B Laubscher, Forest Technology, Farrandsville
John C Lauchle Jr, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Montoursville
Joseph C Laudermilch, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Harrisburg
Danielle S Lavinder, Dental Hygiene, Columbia
Walton N Lawrence, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Williamsport
Eric A Le Van, Automotive Service Sales and Marketing, Muncy
Brandon L Lebo, Construction Management, Boiling Springs
Andrew J Leer, Internetworking Application Development Concentration, Reading
Matthew L Leet, Toolmaking Technology, Smethport
Christopher J Legarski, Graphic Design, Montoursville
Kyle J Lehigh, Automated Manufacturing Technology, Schuylkill Haven
Justin W Lehman, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Sunbury
Holly A Lehnig, Surveying Technology, South Williamsport
Mary E Lehnig, Computer Applications Technology, South Williamsport
Bryan G Lehocky, Landscape/Nursery Technology, Rochester
Kristen M Leidy, Residential Construction Technology and Management, State College
Heather A Leigey, Human Services, Muncy
Karen A Leigey, Architectural Technology, Milton
Thomas A Leitch Jr, Building Construction Technology, Lock Haven
Joseph Lemchak, Collision Repair Technology, Yonkers, N.Y.
Paul J Lemoncelli, Culinary Arts Technology, Clarks Summit
Galen A Lentz, Computer Aided Drafting Technology, Milton
James V Leta, Networking and Technical Support, South Williamsport
Daniel P Lewis, Applied Human Services, Jersey Shore
Liesl M Lewis, Pre-Physician Assistant, Danville
Joshua D Lichter, Computer Aided Drafting Technology, Montoursville
Mark B Liddle, Printing and Publishing Technology, Pottsville
Kevin B Limerick, Automotive Technology Management, Williamsport
Bret J Lindemuth, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Catawissa
Janel J Linn, Pre-Nursing, Williamsport
Daniel R Little, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Beacon Falls, Conn.
Rachel C Litwhiler, Legal Assistant/Paralegal Studies, Benton
Craig B Litzinger, Electronics Technology, Patton
Leeann L Llewellyn, Hospitality Management, Schuylkill Haven
Jessica R Lloyd, General Studies, Williamsport
Jennifer Loeh, Legal Assistant/Paralegal, Forest City
Jason C Long, Technology Management, Williamsport
Marc C Long, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Warren
Stephen W Long, Civil Engineering Technology, Jersey Shore
Tyler S Long, Automotive Technology Management, Danville
Richard J Long Jr, Aviation Technology, Selinsgrove
Kimberly M Lowe, Nursing, Montgomery
Joni K Lupold, Internetworking Application Development Concentration, Muncy
Jason M Lutz, Networking and Technical Support, Middletown
Christopher M Lynn, Technology Management, Liberty [Back to Top]
Jessica N MacDonald , Legal Assistant/Paralegal, Flemington
Tammy M Mackey, Pre-Nursing, Beech Creek
Melissa A Magargle, Applied Human Services, Williamsport
Shaun M Magill, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Huntingdon
Danny E Magruder, Radiography, Selinsgrove
Richard M Maietta, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Cogan Station
Chad M Major, Electrical Technology, Mill Hall
Shawn M Major, Internetworking Application Development Concentration, Williamsport
William M Malicki, Construction Management, Wilkes Barre
Kathryn M Manley, Pre-Practical Nursing, Catawissa
James T Mardis, Aviation Maintenance Technician, Mechanicsburg
Jason P Mardis, Collision Repair Technology, Mechanicsburg
Brian C Marr, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Turbotville
Kitten M Marshall, Pre-Nursing, Linden
Rickey R Marshall, Architectural Technology, Coburn
Tara L Martin, Pre-Dental Hygiene (B.S)., Bressler
James N Martino, Building Construction Technology, Roseto
Jamie S Martz, Welding Technology, Sacramento
Nicholas Mastrippolito, Computer Aided Drafting Technology, Harrisburg
Tyler A Mattern, Networking and Technical Support, Paxtonville
Michael J Matzinger, Nursing, Montoursville
Jenny M Maurer, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Williamsport
Robert E Maurer Jr, Floral Design/Interior Plantscape, Williamsport
Gary L. Mayer, Electrical Occupations, Williamsport
Timothy J Mazol, Plumbing, Danville
Wendy A Mazur, Culinary Arts Technology, Williamsport
Rebecca A Mazurik-Charles, Applied Human Services, South Williamsport
Jeffery L McCartney, Diesel Technician, Grampian
Erin L McCarty, Applied Human Services, Montoursville
Elaine E McClelland, Pre-Dental Hygiene, Columbia Cross Roads
Michelle R McClure, Dental Hygiene, Fayetteville
Thomas A McConnell, Construction Management, Renfrew
David D McCoy, Electronics Technology, Knox
Ryan M McCreary, Building Construction Technology, Lancaster
Colleen M McDevitt, Legal Assistant/Paralegal, Linden
Daniel J McEwen, Automated Manufacturing Technology, Mercer
Brandy L McGee, Pre-Nursing, New Columbia
Shawn P McGehean, Analysis and Design Concentration, Williamsport
Brent R McGonigal, Radiography, Mill Hall
Toby R McGonigal, Computer Aided Drafting Technology, Snow Shoe
James H McGowan, Architectural Technology, Livingston, N.J.
Matthew A McKean, Culinary Arts Technology, Snow Shoe
Holly L McKee, Accounting, New Columbia
William D McKenna, Pre-Applied Health Studies, State College
Daniel N McKim, Construction Management, Hanover
David M McMeekin, Computer Aided Product Design, Butler
Katrina M McPherson, Pre-Nursing, Morris
Alicia M McQuillen, Legal Assistant/Paralegal, Williamsport
Brethena J Mcelroy, Technical and Professional Communication, Montoursville
Corey A Mechling, Computer Automation Maintenance Emphasis, Irvine
Charlotte E Meddaugh, Individual Studies, South Williamport
Cheryl M Meehan, Printing and Publishing Technology, Rexville, N.Y.
Peter M Meleason, Building Construction Technology, Carlisle
Joel J Merrow, Construction Carpentry, Etters
Dustin C Mertiff, HVAC Technology, Tyrone
Bryan R Messing, Pre-Nursing, Williamsport
John H Metcalf, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Williamsport
Jacob D Metzger, Graphic Design, Portage
Bryan B Meyerhoffer, Building Construction Technology, Palmyra
Katie A Michura, Nursing, Beech Creek
Rachel L Midkiff, Pre-Radiography, Montoursville
Kara S Mifsud, Human Services, Montoursville
Andrew J Miller, Civil Engineering Technology, Hanover
C Christopher Miller, Electronics Engineering Technology, Selinsgrove
Christopher E Miller, Automotive Technology Management, Santa Fe, N.M.
Jennifer L Miller, Dental Hygiene, Harrisburg
Karen L Miller, Pre-Nursing, Watsontown
Melissa A Miller, Floral Design/Interior Plantscape, Gettysburg
Michael E Miller, Architectural Technology, Cogan Station
Sandra D Miller, Radiography, Milton
Tiffany M Miller, Individual Studies, Montoursville
George R Mills, Forest Technology, Hyner
Jeremy W Mills, Architectural Technology, Burnt Cabins
Iwao Minami, Banking and Finance Concentration, Williamsport
Anthony W Minnella, Aviation Maintenance Technician, South Williamsport
Louise M Minor, Pre-Dental Hygiene, Coudersport
James M Minugh, Pre-Nursing, Williamsport
Christopher T Mitchell, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Salisbury, Md.
Travis J Mitsdarfer, Applied Human Services, Muncy
Andrew B Mitterling, Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, Port Trevorton
Jordan S Mix, Marketing Concentration, South Williamsport
Perry J Mock, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Ebensburg
Timothy L Moeller, Culinary Arts Technology, Chalfont
Stephen Moll, Technical and Professional Communication, Milton
Bradley D Molyneaux, Human Services, Sunbury
Jonathan S Moore, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Felton
John D Morgan, Architectural Technology, Williamsport
Brett D Morley, Construction Management, Mechanicsburg
Gary W Morse, Physician Assistant, Cogan Station
Gina M Mosher, Applied Human Services, Tioga
Ryan K Mostoller, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Friedens
Mark P Moyer, Electronics Engineering Technology, Manheim
Brian K Mull, Pre-Nursing, Middleburg
Ryan V Munz, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Annville
Rebecca L Murphy, Applied Human Services, Carlisle
Aaron N Murray, Collision Repair Technology, Turbotville
Sandra F Murray, Analysis and Design Concentration, DuBoistown
Christopher M Mussoline, Masonry Emphasis, Northumberland
Bradley S Myers, Forest Technology, Lock Haven
Christopher M Myers, Electronics Engineering Technology, Salona
Judy A Myers, Occupational Therapy Assistant Concentration, South Williamsport
Robert E Myers, Civil Engineering Technology, Spring Mills
Todd E Myers, Forest Technology, Lock Haven [Back to Top]
Anne G Napersky , Culinary Arts Technology, Wilkes Barre
Jared M Narber, Graphic Design, Bloomsburg
Amelia T Nason, General Studies, Montoursville
Jillian S Neely, General Studies, Williamsport
Cora L Neidig, General Studies, Williamsport
Matthew T Noecker, Diesel Technology, Hamburg
Lisa R Nogle, Radiography Concentration, Bloomsburg
Melissa A Norris, General Studies, Williamsport
Kevin R Novak, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Williamsport
Matilda R Noviello, General Studies, South Williamsport
Ryan A Nowak, Forest Technology, Wellsboro [Back to Top]
Stephanie A O’Hargan , Analysis and Design Concentration, South Williamsport
Adam M O’Neil, Electronics Engineering Technology, Seneca
Timothy P O’Neill, Landscape/Nursery Technology, Perkasie
Lawrence N Ord, Physical Fitness Specialist, Beech Creek
Lisa R Orgitano, Broadcast Communications, South Williamsport
Jeffrey R Orner, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Boiling Springs
Richard L Overdorf, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Lewisburg
Kristy A Owens, Physical Fitness Specialist, Watsontown [Back to Top]
Daniel J Palmeter Jr , Management Information Systems Concentration, Linden
Angela M Parker, Physician Assistant, Canton
Timothy Parkinson, Building Construction Technology, Indiana
Andrew W Parmley, Cabinetmaking and Millwork, Arnot
Zachary J Parrish, Computer Aided Drafting Technology, Watsontown
Loverna L Parron, HVAC Technology, Muncy
Leonard A Pasquale, Collision Repair Technology, Grindstone
Ryan A Passarelli, HVAC Technology, Butler
Daniel J Pasternak, Construction Management, Richlandtown
Eric S Paules, Construction Carpentry, Red Lion
Donna R Pauling, Nursing, Muncy
Ryan J Paxton, Networking and Technical Support, Grove City
James R Payne Jr, Architectural Technology, Franklin
Brenda S Peachey, Pre-Nursing, Mifflinburg
Brandon S Peak, Architectural Technology, Bloomsburg
David C Pecht, Networking and Technical Support, Honey Brook
Donald L Peeling, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Muncy
Heather J Penland, Practical Nursing Emphasis, Howard
David R Pennell, General Studies, Birdsboro
Sherry L Pepperman, Occupational Therapy Assistant Concentration, Williamsport
Dawn M Persing, Pre-Nursing, Williamsport
Vincent Perta, Analysis and Design Concentration, Plains
Cody L Peters, Communications/Fiber Optics Emphasis, Lewistown
Ross D Peters, Graphic Communications Management, Elysburg
Darlene M Peterson, General Studies, Montoursville
Marlene E Phelps, Pre-Nursing, Jersey Shore
Aaron L Phillips, Aviation Technology, Medina,N.Y.
Amy B Phillips, Technology Management, Baltimore, Md.
Michael F Pilarczyk, Internetworking Application Development Concentration, Marlton, N.J.
Craig A Platt, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Mill Hall
Jessica L Pletz, Dental Hygiene, Ephrata
Paul E Pompilio, Computer Aided Product Design, Cornwall, N.Y.
Linda S Powell, Accounting, Montoursville
Victoria A Powell, Practical Nursing-Developmental, Williamsport
Suyog Pradhan, Graphic Communications Management, Burtonville, Md.
Michele L Praster, Applied Human Services, Williamsport
James J Pressly, Automotive Technology Management, Reidsville, N.C.
Michael S Pringle, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Mill Hall
Trevor T Prokop, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, St. Clair
Aaron M Prough, Analysis and Design Concentration, Williamsport
Julia A Pulizzi, Construction Management, South Williamsport [Back to Top]
Eric M Quick , Architectural Technology, Williamsport
Amanda H Quigley, Baking and Pastry Arts, Williamsport
Diane M Quigley, Legal Assistant/Paralegal, Williamsport [Back to Top]
Charles W Rainey , Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Jersey Shore
George E Rainey Jr, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Morrisdale
Naveen C Rajan, Biology, Huntingdon, W. Va.
Mara S Rakowski, Culinary Arts Technology, Pottsville
Shawn M Ramsey, Automotive Technology, Seneca
Samuel D Ranck, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, South Williamsport
April H Ransom, Executive Emphasis, Lawrenceville
Julia R Redcay, Hospitality Management, Fredericksburg
Jennifer C Reed, Pre-Physician Assistant, Hegins
Matthew G Reed, Forest Technology, Lewisburg
Melanie D Reese, Culinary Arts Technology, Danville
Tyler R Reese, Pre-Physician Assistant, Wellsboro
Jessica M Regel, Medical Emphasis, South Williamsport
Sarah A Reichart, Graphic Design, Orangeville
Matthew D Reichelderfer, Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, Jersey Shore
Nicole J Reichenbach, Pre-Nursing, Watsontown
Julie M Reichley, Applied Human Services, Montgomery
Matthew E Reiff, Welding and Fabrication Engineering Technology, Warren
Gary E Reigal, Collision Repair Technology, Moscow
Matthew D Reiter, Construction Management, Zeiglerville
Michelle Renner, Pre-Nursing, Flemington
Julie M Reppert, Technology Management, Myerstown
David H Reynolds II, Architectural Technology, Huntingdon
Jason D Rhine, Electronics Engineering Technology, Hawley
Kyle R Rhoads, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Harrisburg
Scott S Rhoat, Applied Health Studies, Howard
Justin L Rigg, Computer Aided Product Design, Glenmoore
Lesli K Riggle, Banking and Finance Concentration, Williamsport
Mark A Riglin, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Bellefonte
Daniel G Riley, Electrical Occupations, Westfield
Chad B Rimmey, Building Construction Technology, Bellefonte
David S Rinker, Electronics Engineering Technology, Montoursville
Victoria A Ristenbatt, Biology, Cleona
Matthew J Roan, Automotive Technology Management, Pennsylvania Furnace
Stephanie A Robbins, Technology Management, Watsontown
Beth L Robinson, Pre-Nursing, Williamsport
Cheryl J Robinson, Management Concentration, Williamsport
Lianne L Rocco, Applied Human Services, Wilkes Barre
Matthew J Rogers, Architectural Technology, Howard
Samantha K Rogers, Graphic Design, Coaldale
Neil C Rohrer, Electronics Engineering Technology, Manheim
Francesca K Romano, Pre-Radiography, Danville
Ryan R Romberger, Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, Pillow
Joseph P Roque, Building Construction Technology, Throop
Megan E Ross, Pre-Nursing, Williamsport
Matthew R Rote, Construction Carpentry, Mill Hall
Melissa S Roth, Automotive Technology Management, North Catasauqua
Michael J Rothrock, Forest Technology, McVeytown
Sarah E Rouse, Floral Design/Interior Plantscape, Westfield
Donna F Roush, Applied Health Studies, Mechanicsburg
Eric D Rovenolt, Management Concentration, Trout Run
Aaron M Rowland, Welding and Fabrication Engineering Technology, Port Matilda
Denita A Royster, Applied Human Services, Williamsport
Timothy M Rudalavage, Automotive Technology, Clarks Summit
Jeffrey J Rudinski, General Studies, Williamsport
Ryan C Runkle, Technology Management, Montgomery
Julie D Rutt, Paramedic Technology, Elizabethtown
Nikole L Rutters, Advertising Art, New Oxford
Doreen R Rymell, Graphic Communications Management, Muncy [Back to Top]
Joanne M Saber , Legal Assistant/Paralegal Studies, Roaring Spring
Michael L Sacks, Ford Asset, Mertztown
Robert A Sadler, Welding Technology, State College
Richard D Sanders, Networking and Technical Support, Kane
Aaron C Sands, Management Information Systems Concentration, Pittsburgh
Brian J Sapak, Graphic Design, Mountain Top
Jonathan A Sarno, Landscape/Nursery Technology, South Williamsport
Chad M Savitz, Electronics Engineering Technology, Grand Valley
Christina M Saxton, Occupational Therapy Assistant Concentration, Shamokin Dam
Nathan A Sayre, Computer Aided Drafting Technology, Wellsboro
William L Scandrol, Collision Repair Technology, Fredericktown
Timothy J Schanken, Welding and Fabrication Engineering Technology, Westminster, Md.
Erin A Scheg, Advertising Art, Lebanon
Shaun M Scheimreif, Internetworking Application Development Concentration, Lewisburg
Daniel K Schepis, Computer Aided Drafting Technology, Danville
Ryan J Schiavone, HVAC Technology, Mount Sinai, N.Y.
Jonathan H Schillinger, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Williamsport
Thomas R Schleicher Jr, Electrical Technology, New Tripoli
Bruce A Schlichter, Electronics Engineering Technology, Bloomsburg
David C Schlosser, Electronics Engineering Technology, Lancaster
Susan M Schnatz, Pre-Nursing, Forksville
Aaron P Schock, Toolmaking Technology, Whitehall
Drew D Schoenberger, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Lititz
Marc F Schoendorf, Electric Power Generation Technology, Newington, Conn.
Karl E Schooley, Accounting, Watsontown
Katie A Schoonover, Health Information Technology, Knoxville
Deborah R Schrader, Floral Design/Interior Plantscape, Muncy
Janna L Schreffler, Accounting, Laporte
Hannelore G Schuman, Accounting, Montoursville
Fortunato J Scimeca, Automotive Technology, Sussex, N.J.
Michael S Sebergandio, Welding and Fabrication Engineering Technology, Lancaster
Kimberly A Secules, Management Information Systems Concentration, Allenwood
Stephen R Sedgwick, Architectural Technology, Curwensville
Daniel S Seeuwen, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Hawley
Christopher D Sensenig, Business Management, Watsontown
Kevin M Serena, Welding Technology, Moscow
Vincent J Sestili, Culinary Arts Technology, Blakely
Benjamin J Setlock, Architectural Technology, Indiana
Christine A Seward, Architectural Technology, Pottsville
Jennifer M Shade, Physical Fitness Specialist, Williamsport
Stephanie M Shadeck, Early Childhood Education, Frenchville
Marc C Shaeffer, Cabinetmaking and Millwork, Red Lion
James E Shaffer, Mack Emphasis, Mahaffey
Olivia L Shaffer, Office Information Systems, Middleburg
Robert T Shaffer, Electrical Occupations, DuBoistown
Ryan D Shaffer, Computer Aided Drafting Technology, Johnstown
Stephanie L Shaffer, Graphic Design, Jersey Shore
Parul P Shah, Pre-Physician Assistant, Williamsport
Nichole E Shanefelter, Mass Communications, Hanover
Bobby Jo Shank, Advertising Art, Windber
William M Shank, Toolmaking Technology, Bolivar
Timothy R Shannon, Electrical Occupations, Montoursville
Dennis F Sharpless Jr, Practical Nursing, New Columbia
Sara Shellenberger, Applied Human Services, Northumberland
Austin P Sherry, Toolmaking Technology, Tyrone
Donald E Sherry, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Corning, N.Y.
Melissa F Shilling, Applied Human Services, Cogan Station
Ryan L Short, CAT Emphasis, Lawrenceville
Stephen W Shupp Jr, Construction Management, Danville
Timothy J Sico, Automotive Technology, Andover, Mass.
William E Sidler, General Studies, Turbotville
Rebecca A Siegenthaler, Accounting, Centre Hall
Candice L Simmons, Small Business and Entrepreneurship Concentration, Milton
Bryan A Simpson, Building Construction Technology, Irwin
Michelle N Singleton, Baking and Pastry Arts, Philadelphia
Rachel A Sledzinski, Pre-Nursing, Waymart
Teri L Slegle, Legal Assistant/Paralegal Studies, Jersey Shore
Melissa J Slingerland, Floral Design/Interior Plantscape, Williamsport
Adam L Smith, Automated Manufacturing Technology, Milton
Amanda R Smith, Environmental Technology, Punxsutawney
Chad M Smith, Computer Automation Maintenance Emphasis, Millerton
Daphne A Smith, Graphic Design, Danville
Jason M Smith, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Hillsgrove
Jeremy P Smith, Health Policy and Administration Concentration, Milton
Kurt T Smith, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Danville
Michael J Smith, Architectural Technology, McVeytown
Nora B Snider, Physical Fitness Specialist, Imler
Becky J Snyder, Marketing Concentration, Lairdsville
Raymond R Snyder, Civil Engineering Technology, Minersville
Robert D Soltis, Graphic Design, Bellefonte
Megan D Solymos, Food and Hospitality Management, York
Timothy L Sommers, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Montgomery
Gregory M Sorce, Civil Engineering Technology, Berwick
Matthew S Specht, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Reading
Kimberly A Speer, Human Services, South Williamsport
Dara C Spencer, Marketing Concentration, Williamsport
Zachary C Spewak, Civil Engineering Technology, Waymart
Adam D Spigelmyer, Accounting, McClure
Robert F Sporer, Civil Engineering Technology, Montoursville
Adam C Spotts, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Loganton
Stephen A Sprague, Graphic Communications Management, South Yarmouth, Mass.
Cory E Stabley, Ford Asset, Lock Haven
Kenneth R Stabley Jr, Diesel Technology, Jersey Shore
Martin E Stahli Jr, Electrical Technology, Westfield
Raquel L Stanisic, Pre-Radiography, Julian
Gena L Steiger, Accounting, Williamsport
Benjamin M Steinberger, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Pottersville, N.Y.
Michael R Stemrich, Internetworking Application Development Concentration, Dalton
Destiny R Sterner, Culinary Arts Technology, Berwick
Daniel S Stevenson, Electrical Occupations, Lock Haven
Gwen L Stewart, Legal Assistant/Paralegal Studies, Linden
Jory L Stiefel, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Mount Joy
Maxine L Stiffler, Legal Assistant/Paralegal Studies, Muncy
Thomas W Stipe, Applied Health Studies, Middletown
James F Stiver, Management Information Systems Concentration, Williamsport
Kelly M Stiver, Technology Management, Altoona
Nichole R Stiver, Legal Assistant/Paralegal, Williamsport
Angela R Stockton, Early Childhood Education, Morris Run
Kyle J Stoltzfus, Networking and Technical Support, Lewisburg
Danielle L Stotler, Business Management, Watsontown
Alan L Stover, Automated Manufacturing Technology, Centre Hall
John P Stover, Automotive Technology Management, Boothwyn
Matthew C Stover, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Mechanicsburg
Jill O Strauss, Advertising Art, State College
Ralph W Strieby, Human Services, Montoursville
Jonathan W Strine, Networking and Technical Support, Carlisle
Matthew J Strine, Electric Power Generation Technology, York
Sharon A Strouse, Practical Nursing, Mill Hall
Chad S Stutzman, Applied Human Services, Muncy
Terri L Stutzman, Human Services, Linden
Brooke S Styborski, Floral Design/Interior Plantscape, Williamsport
David J Sunderland, Graphic Communications Management, Cogan Station
James J Swisher, Banking and Finance Concentration, Montoursville
Tessie M Swisher, Pre-Radiography, Unityville
Darsena C Swope, Accounting, Milton
Lisa B Sykes, Accounting, Renovo
Kristen L Sykora, Applied Human Services, Towanda
Marie A Szabo, Graphic Communications Management, Bethlehem
Thomas E Szczur Jr, Diesel Technology, Bensalem [Back to Top]
Bruce R Tami , Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Clearfield
Chelsea H Taylor, Culinary Arts Technology, East Setauket, N.Y.
Devin M Teeter, Toolmaking Technology, New Albany
Janice M Temple, General Studies-Developmental, Muncy
Hannah P Ten Eyck, Culinary Arts Technology, Danville
Robert S Thomas, Building Construction Technology, Jim Thorpe
Adam D Thompson, Pre-Physician Assistant, State College
Robert J Thompson, Applied Human Services, Hughesville
Joseph A Thorn, Masonry Emphasis, Enola
Thomas C Tigue, Small Business and Entrepreneurship Concentration, Hawley
John C Tobias, Industrial Process Control Emphasis, Mount Pleasant Mills
Mackenzie E Tomazin, Physical Fitness Specialist, Pine Grove
Megan L Tomeo, Electronics Engineering Technology, Tionesta
Anafrancia A Tordilla, Health Information Technology, Williamsport
Sean D Torres, Computer Aided Product Design, Bethlehem
Tihomir R Tountchev, Electronics Technology, Danville
Brandon J Treaster, Collision Repair Technology, Belleville
Shari L Truax, Business Management, Jersey Shore
Rachael D Trump, Radiography, Williamsport
Aaron M Tyson, Forest Technology, Lock Haven [Back to Top]
Corey W Uhl , Ford Asset, Kersey
Sean P Underwood, Computer Aided Drafting Technology, Lansdale
Justin J Uzarski, HVAC Technology, Pittsburgh [Back to Top]
Gretchen E Van Brakle , Architectural Technology, Hershey
Paula L Van Horn, Banking and Finance Concentration, Hughesville
Rita J Van Sant, Accounting, Cogan Station
Benjamin L Vance, Construction Carpentry, Williamsport
Lauren B Vanderlin, Pre-Nursing, Montoursville
Joshua P Vandermark, Management Concentration, Cyclone
Shelly R Vandine, Management Concentration, Muncy
Yidrisca M Vargas, Pre-Physician Assistant, Williamsport
Kimberly A Venti, Office Information Systems, Williamsport
Jesse R Viani, Management Information Systems Concentration, Wellsville
Mary K Vido, Baking and Pastry Arts, Sarver
Mark D Villecco, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Sinking Spring
Christopher P Vincent, Toolmaking Technology, McElhattan
Jason R Vincent, Internetworking Application Development Concentration, Williamsport
Meagan S Vincent, Radiography, Warren
Michele L Vincent, Civil Engineering Technology, McElhattan
Robert K Vlacich, Automotive Technology Management, Hawley
Jacob Vough, Electric Power Generation Technology, Markleton
Katherine A Vroman, Early Childhood Education, Williamsport
Stephanie E Vrontisis, Pre-Physician Assistant, Milton [Back to Top]
Anita L Wagner , Nursing, Muncy
Ellen Y Wagner, Computer Aided Drafting Technology, Avis
Lindsey D Wagner, Pre-Dental Hygiene, Linden
Michele E Wagner, Radiography, Richfield
Neil E Wagner, Computer Automation Maintenance Emphasis, Tionesta
Jamie L Wallace, Dental Hygiene, Smethport
Scott F Wallace, Management Concentration, Williamsport
Casie L Walters, Applied Human Services, Williamsport
Jennifer L Walton, Accounting, Williamsport
Aaron M Ward, Electronics Engineering Technology, Montoursville
Jonathan R Warner, Electronics Technology, Carrolltown
Phillip C Warner, Graphic Design, Mill Run
Ashley N Waterman, Accounting, Lock Haven
Darla S Watkin, Pre-Nursing, Trout Run
Joshua R Watkins, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Ringtown
Emily J Weaver, Medical Emphasis, Ephrata
Jennifer R Weaver, Legal Assistant/Paralegal Studies, Butler
Lesa C Weaver, Culinary Arts Technology, Milesburg
Leslie M Weaver, Banking and Finance Concentration, New Columbia
Terry L Weaver, Plumbing, Linden
Jeffery A Weaver II, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Quakertown
Michael G Webb, Welding, South Williamsport
Sheri M Webb, Physical Fitness Specialist, Watsontown
Elizabeth A Webster, Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, Montoursville
Derek A Weeks, Welding and Fabrication Engineering Technology, Floyd, Va.
Eric M Wegman, Electronics Engineering Technology, Reading
Kacy R Weiand, Physical Fitness Specialist, Millerstown
Matthew B Weir, Internetworking Application Development Concentration, Swarthmore
Amy G Welch, Physician Assistant, Ulster
Jaime R Welch, Applied Human Services, Jersey Shore
Matthew B Welickovitch, Individual Studies, Montoursville
Benjamin B Wells, Analysis and Design Concentration, Mingoville
Sean T Wenzel, Collision Repair Technology, Montoursville
Nathan Werkheiser, Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, Nazareth
Ryan K Wert, Computer Aided Drafting Technology, Mifflinburg
Alan J Wertz, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Danville
Christopher L Westbrook, Internetworking Application Development Concentration, Carlisle
Jennifer J Westbrook, Electronics Technology, New Columbia
Jason A Wevodau, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, York Haven
Derek E Wheeland, Banking and Finance Concentration, Liberty
Michael G Whitby, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Tyrone
Pamela K White, Occupational Therapy Assistant Concentration, Montgomery
Amanda S Whitesel, Electrical Technology, Cogan Station
Jessica M Whiting, Biology, Liberty
William R Wiedenheft, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Edinboro
Brian S Wilcox, Environmental Technology, Wellsboro
Ryan C Wilkins, Collision Repair Technology, Barto
Adam F Wilks, Construction Carpentry, Sunbury
Barbara M Willett, Technology Management, Johnstown
Kaila Williams, Architectural Technology, Greenville
David E Williams II, Building Construction Technology, Tyrone
Michael A Willow, Architectural Technology, Mifflinburg
Jerry L Wilson, Civil Engineering Technology, Tyrone
Steven A Wilson, Applied Health Studies, Montoursville
Ashley R Winder, Human Services, Williamsport
Grant M Wisniewski, Building Construction Technology, Monroeville
Miriam J Witmer, Pre-Physician Assistant, Virginia Beach, Va.
Naomi Wolford, Pre-Nursing, Lewisburg
Stacy J Womer, Culinary Arts Technology, Bloomsburg
Brian D Woods, HVAC Technology, Industry
Julie A Woolsey, Computer Aided Drafting Technology, Milton
Christopher D Woomer, Heavy Construction Equipment Technology, Tyrone
Casey L Wortman, Baking and Pastry Arts, Kersey
Ian D Wylie, Electrical Occupations, New Cumberland
Brian D Wynn, Electric Power Generation Technology, Loganton [Back to Top]
Nadera F Yancey , Early Childhood Education, Williamsport
Ashley Yaple, Graphic Design, Stillwater
Yon C Yi, Aviation Maintenance Technician, Harrisburg
Hollie A Yoder, Pre-Nursing, Selinsgrove
Andrea P Yohe, Legal Assistant/Paralegal, Salladasburg
Jeremy M Yorwarth, Internetworking Application Development Concentration, Paxinos
Derek M Yost, Communications/Fiber Optics Emphasis, Mount Joy
Danielle N Young, Internetworking Application Development Concentration, Langhorne [Back to Top]
James M Zartman , Culinary Arts Technology, South Williamsport
Susan R Zaydell, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Williamsport
Ann M Zelinski, Pre-Nursing, Mount Carmel
Ruth A Zerance, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Berwick
Jason P Zielewicz, Applied Health Studies, Williamsport
Andrea L Zimmerman, Graphic Design, Ringtown
Ryan K Zimmerman, Networking and Technical Support, South Williamsport
Zachary L Zook, Building Construction Technology, Carlisle
Ryan E Zuroski, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Olyphant
Brenda L Zwisle, Pre-Nursing, Linden

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