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Penn College Announces Dean’s List for Spring 1999

Pennsylvania College of Technology has announced its dean’s list for the Spring 1999 semester:

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Douglas A Achenbach, Automotive Technology Management, York Seth P Achey, Pre-Physician Assistant, Shinglehouse Sean C Adams, Aviation Technology, Harrisburg Kristen D Alexander, Advertising Art, Williamsport Benjamin F Allard, Automotive Technology Management, Newville Clare M Altemus, Electronics Technology, Chalfont Nathan E Altland, Electronics Engineering Technology, York New Salem Jarod A Ambrosino, Building Construction Technology, Kingston Suzanne M Ames, Pre-Physician Assistant, Hummelstown Jeremy L Anderson, Building Construction Technology, Punxsutawney William L Anderson, Computer-Aided Product and Systems Design, Altoona Jonathan D Ankeny, Building Construction Technology, Somerset Hilary P Anstead, Advertising Art, Nesquenoning Matthew J Argabright, Electrical Occupations, Hanover Eric P Asp, Pre-Physician Assistant, Kane Robert L Aungst Jr, Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, Lock Haven Tony W Austin, Architectural Technology, Lewistown [Back to Top]

Debora A Badyrka, Office Information Systems, Scranton David R Bailey, Architectural Technology, Watsontown Tiffany N Bailey, Applied Human Services, Middleburg Shelby M Baker, Radiography, Ford City Thomas J Ballock, Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, Philipsburg Carl T Barnes, Electrical Occupations, Canton Mark D Barrett, Electrical Technology, Avis Ryan E Beach, Civil Engineering Technology, Williamsport Justin A Beachem, Cabinetmaking & Millwork, Ellwood City Daniel C Beaver, Toolmaking Technology, Bethlehem Sean E Beaver, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Mount Pleasant Mills Peter C Beck, Graphic Design, West Chester Thomas H Beck, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Warren Jennifer L Beckwith, Data Communications and Networking Emphasis, Jersey Shore Summer J Bednar, Dental Hygiene, Warren Krista L Behrer, Pre-Physician Assistant, Spruce Creek Julie A Beishline, Graphic Design, Stillwater Craig R Bellis, Construction Carpentry, Milford, N.J. Scott E Bender, Building Construction Technology, Akron Melissa K Benfer, Business Administration, Turbotville Heidi E Benner, Legal Assistant/Paralegal, Sunbury Janet M Bennett, Architectural Technology, Elmira, N.Y. Bradley A Benson, Building Construction Technology, St. Marys Branden T Best, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Grampian Joseph J Biasi, Toolmaking Technology, New Ringgold Christopher H Biebuyck, Computer-Aided Product and Systems Design, Beaver Otto C Biehn, Automated Manufacturing Technology, Lincoln UniversityAdam C Bierly, Automotive Technology Management, State College John R Bilbay, Legal Assistant/Paralegal Studies, Sunbury Joseph D Bingaman, Automotive Technology Management, Milton Jennings W Bird, Welding Technology, Canton Ross W Bird, Electronics Engineering Technology, Howard Jacqueline A Bitner, Microcomputer Specialist, Lock Haven Clark A Bixler, Computer-Aided Product and Systems Design, Hegins David M Bixler, Automated Manufacturing Technology, Palmyra Bree R Black, Radiography, Lamar Christopher M Blanco, Automotive Technology Management, South Williamsport Robert V Boehmer Sr, Aviation Maintenance Technician, Williamsport Jason A Bolig, Computer Automation Maintenance Emphasis, Sunbury Wendy Bomboy, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Montoursville Beth R Bontomase, Early Childhood Education, Lewisburg Lucas N Book, Forest Technology, Port Royal Spencer L Boone, Building Construction Technology, Bellefonte Daniel I Boring, Automated Manufacturing Technology, Williamsport Randall S Bortz, Construction Management, Oley Mark R Boudreau, Electronics Engineering Technology, Muncy Shana C Bower, Applied Human Services, South Williamsport Brenda L Boyer, Travel and Tourism Emphasis, Watsontown Jeremiah R Boyskey, Toolmaking Technology, Tioga Nicholas J Brannen, Auto Body Technology, Red Hill Benjamin D Brechtel, Electronics Engineering Technology, Wilcox Frank L Breon, Industrial Maintenance Technology, Boalsburg Angela D Bressler, Legal Assistant/Paralegal, Williamsport Matthew W Broadbent, Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, Alexandria Bret A Brosious, Pre-Radiography, Sunbury Tom R Brosious, Communications/Fiber Optics Emphasis, West Milton Rebecca S Brower, Mass Communications, Lewistown Cherie A Brown, Pre-Dental Hygiene, East Waterford Janet M Brown, Floral Design/Interior Plantscape, Tioga Jeremy T Brown, General Studies, Williamsport Jill M Brown, Pre-Dental Hygiene, Lock Haven Michael P Brown, Pre-Physician Assistant, Montgomery Gemma L Bruner, Dental Hygiene, Williamsport Brooke E Bryant, Applied Human Services, Williamsport Ryan E Bubb, Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, Trout Run Emily B Buchanan, Physical Fitness Specialist, Wellsboro Doyle L Buchanan II, Automated Manufacturing Technology, Canton Jared M Burkett, Building Construction Technology, Hyndman Adel K Burqan, Communications/Fiber Optics Emphasis, Williamsport Jeffrey J Bush, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Marion, N.Y. David M Butler, Landscape/Nursery Technology, Elkland Henry L Butler, Architectural Technology, Wellsboro Marlene Butters, Food and Hospitality Management, Bloomsburg Matthew L Byers, Graphic Design, MiltonMichael L Byers, Advertising Art, Milton [Back to Top]

Staci J Calabro, Applied Human Services, Turbotville Richard J Cammerata, Construction Management, Chalfont Jennie L Campana, General Studies, South Williamsport Deborah A Campbell, Surgical Technology, Williamsport Troy K Campbell, Automated Manufacturing Technology, Palmyra Jeffrey M Capps, Electronics Technology, Shamokin Kyle D Carey, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Selinsgrove Thomas R Carl III, HVAC Technology, Paxinos Amanda L Carleton, Pre-Physician Assistant, Danville Beverly J Carter, Food and Hospitality Management, Beech Creek Daniel K Cassidy Jr, Welding and Fabrication Engineering Technology, South Williamsport Jason Castillo, Industrial Process Control Emphasis, Reading Renee L Cerney, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Montgomery Chad P Chaborek, Auto Body Technology, Covington Patricia R Chadderdon, Pre-Occupational Therapy, Cogan Station Timothy L Chapman, Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, Montoursville Vera L Charles, Early Childhood Education, Montgomery Douglas E Christie, Graphic Design, Montgomery Tara R Clark, Computer-Aided Product and Systems Design, Cogan Station Douglas E Clayton, Electronics Technology, Montoursville Michelle R Coleman, Nursing, Mill Hall Daniel J Coletti, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Williamsport Peter T Collins, Aviation Technology, Palmyra Brad R Conklin, Mack Emphasis, Bloomsburg Angela W Conrad, Legal Assistant/Paralegal, Sunbury Carolyn E Conte, Executive Emphasis, Wellsboro Michael J Conte, Construction Management, Ambler Christopher B Cooley, Individual Studies, Williamsport Chevonne M Coran, Executive Emphasis, Lock Haven Daniel T Coran Jr, Mass Communications, Jersey Shore Ben Cornbower, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Thomasville Kevin M Cornelius, Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, Williamsport Ryan D Coudriet, Computer-Aided Drafting Technology, Clearfield Dennis C Covaleski, Microcomputer Applications Development, Coal Township Robin A Coyle, Dental Hygiene, Troy Steven T Craig, Landscape/Nursery Technology, State College Andrea L Craven, Pre-Physician Assistant, New Columbia Casey S Crawford, Technology Management, Wyalusing Amy L Creitz, Surgical Technology Emphasis, Tamaqua Rustan J Crespo, Automotive Engineering Technology, West New York, N.J. Cherie L Cross, Pre-Nursing, Montgomery Chris Y Cummings, Data Communications and Networking Emphasis, Columbia Crossroads Corey F Cutler, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Allport [Back to Top]

Trena S Dale, Pre-Dental Hygiene, Mount Pleasant Mills Brett L Dalrymple, Computer-Aided Product and Systems Design, Williamsport Kristina E Daly, Early Childhood Education, Beaver Springs Jennifer L Dameron, Biology, Kingston, Mass. Joseph J Damiano, Electrical Occupations, West Decatur Eric J Danchanko, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Johnstown Keith E Dando, Computer-Aided Product and Systems Design, Mifflinburg Davida J Dandrea, Pre-Physician Assistant, Wellsboro Bradley S Darlington, Building Construction Technology, Reading Julianne C Dartt, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Wellsboro Amy D Dauenbaugh, Architectural Technology, Nescopeck Beth A Davis, Building Construction Technology, Hughesville Gregory L Davis, Banking, Williamsport Christopher J Dawes, Technical and Professional Communication, Williamsport Christian De Capria, Construction Management, Sunbury Patricia De Leo, Applied Human Services, Trout Run Daniel L De Mackiewicz, Automated Manufacturing Technology, Palmyra Thad W De Pew, Building Construction Technology, Columbia Cross Roads Adrian D De Zeeuw, Electronics Technology, Williamsport Delmar P Decker III, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Bluffton, S.C. Charles I Deeble, Diesel Technology, Lewisberry Holly C Derr, Pre-Physician Assistant, Montgomery Mark E Derr, Pre-Physician Assistant, Williamsport Anthony J Di Joseph Jr, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Lincoln University Kevin A Di Marco, Construction Management, Montoursville Gregory M Dilla, Automotive Technology Management, Potomac, Md. Christina M Divito, Avionics Technology, State College Dawn B Dluge, Physician Assistant, Elysburg Bennie J Dodds, Automotive Technology Management, Hughesville Donald L Dolph, Building Construction Technology, Erie Sandra M Dougherty, Mass Communications, Williamsport James F Dougherty IV, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Williamsport Jennifer Douty, Physician Assistant, Williamsport Joseph D Drauschak, Semiconductor Processing Technology, White Haven Dana M Dugan, Landscape/Nursery Technology, Houtzdale [Back to Top]

Michelle L Eaby, Landscape/Nursery Technology, Ephrata Robert L Eckberg, Computer-Aided Drafting Technology, Frenchville Jeff Eckert, Toolmaking Technology, St. Marys Crist A Eckley, Semiconductor Processing Technology, Milroy Troy A Egan, Civil Engineering Technology, Lock Haven Patrick J Ehlen, Automotive Technology Management, Lynbrook, N.Y. Joann L Eichenlaub, Legal Assistant/Paralegal, Montgomery Kirsten L Eldred, Pre-Physician Assistant, Montoursville Charles L Elliott, Computer-Aided Drafting Technology, Clifton Springs, N.Y. Edward J Elston, Computer Science Emphasis, Muncy Marty R Emerick, Microcomputer Specialist, McClure Jessica L Emick, Baking and Pastry Arts, Williamsport Mircea Enciu, Construction Management, Muncy Edward H English, Automated Manufacturing Technology, Danville Richard K English, Graphic Design, Milton Kimberley D Ergott, Biomedical Emphasis, Williamsport John B Eshelman, Forest Technology, Benton Kenneth R Estep, Civil Engineering Technology, Selinsgrove Toby J Everts, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Troy [Back to Top]

Nathan J Farabaugh, Electrical Technology, Ebensburg Jeffery W Farrell, Electronics Technology, Mount Carmel Andrew S Farrow II, Electronics Technology, DuBoistown Robert A Faust, Microcomputer Applications Development, New Columbia Sarah E Fay, Accounting, Dewart Heather S Feese, Early Childhood Education, Emmaus Casey W Fenstermacher, Toolmaking Technology, Pine Grove William L Fenstermacher, Pre-Physician Assistant, Bensalem Corby J Fetterolf, Landscape/Nursery Technology, Aaronsburg Denise L Fetzer, Environmental Technology, Howard Nadia Filice, Health Policy and Administration Concentration, Hannon, Ontario, Canada Mary A Finck, Applied Human Services, Montgomery David J Fink, Computer Automation Maintenance Emphasis, Montoursville Roger M Fink, Culinary Arts Technology, Williamsport Timothy W Fink, Machinist General, Williamsport Anthony J Fioretti, Microcomputer Applications Development, Williamsport Brian J Fish, Construction Management, Hawley Eric K Fisher, Accounting, Bellefonte Jonathan M Fladd, Building Construction Technology, Trout Run Michael W Fleck, Graphic Design, Port Matilda Todd A Foreman, Toolmaking Technology, Middleburg Joshua L Forsythe, Aviation Maintenance Technician, Mifflinburg Jennifer L Foster, Landscape/Nursery Technology, Williamsport Melinda R Foust, Early Childhood Education, Montgomery Brad R Francola, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Danville Robert W Frear, Aviation Maintenance Technician, Williamsport Margaret M Frederick, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Muncy Lee B Fredrikson, Machinist General, Jersey Shore Michael K Frey, Cabinetmaking & Millwork, Bloomsburg Jason E Fritz, Technology Management, Watsontown Melinda J Fritz, Early Childhood Education, Watsontown Heather J Fry, General Studies, Montoursville Scott P Fry, Printing and Publishing Technology, Mechanicsburg Emilie E Frye, Culinary Arts Technology, Crofton, Md. James L Furgison, Aviation Maintenance Technician, Bellefonte [Back to Top]

Lee R Gable, Construction Management, Kylertown Seth R Gamber, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Wrightsville Kevin A Gamble, Ford Asset, Pottstown Voncier C Gammage, Applied Human Services, Williamsport Mark B Ganoe, Automated Manufacturing Technology, Montgomery Ryan K Gantz, Physician Assistant, Manheim Chad Garrett, Ford Asset, Dover Christin L Gearhart-Maxfield, Human Services, Winfield Beau D Gebhart, Electrical Occupations, Hanover Jason W Geiswite, Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, Milton Gregory D Gemmill, Communications/Fiber Optics Emphasis, Delta Kevin B George, Pre-Physician Assistant, Williamsport Robert E George, Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, Danville Ryan M Gerhold, Semiconductor Processing Technology, East Greenville Michael A Gibble, Architectural Technology, Zionsville Jennifer M Gibson, Early Childhood Education, Williamsport Karla Gingrich, Health Policy and Administration Concentration, Felton Seth E Gingrich, Aviation Technology, Felton Dean M Giordano, Construction Management, Sheffield Luke D Giroux, Aviation Technology, Binghamton, N.Y. Joshua W Glantz, Analysis and Design Emphasis, Williamsport Frederick H Glazewski, Automotive Technology Management, Williamsport Mark A Golden, Toolmaking Technology, Bedford Gladys I Gonzalez, Accounting, Lock Haven Dennis P Goodhart II, Automotive Technology Management, Maytown Kevin C Gordon, Pre-Physician Assistant, Fogelsville Brandon P Gotwalt, Landscape/Nursery Technology, York Scott R Graham, Automotive Service Management, Springfield, Va. Jeanetta W Graybill, Business Administration, Selinsgrove Linda S Greene, Accounting, Wellsboro Mike P Greenland, Aviation Technology, Three Springs Melissa A Greenly, Pre-Physician Assistant, Manheim Kelley M Gresh, Pre-Nursing, Washingtonville Travis S Groce, Electronics Engineering Technology, Selinsgrove Brenda K Grose, Applied Human Services, Bloomsburg Elaine M Guild, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Trout Run Christopher R Gunn, Automotive Technology Management, Glenn Dale, Md. [Back to Top]

Kristopher D Haag, Aviation Technology, Loysville Mark T Hafer, Aviation Maintenance Technician, Rincon, Ga. William Haley, Printing and Publishing Technology, Newtown John H Hamm, Welding, Lock Haven Graham K Hantz, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Coplay Chad J Happ, Automotive Engineering Technology, Doylestown Robert W Harding, Business Administration, Riegelsville Kenneth R Harding Jr, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Linden Bryan Harlacker, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, York Amanda L Harris, Business Administration, Williamsport Clarence M Harris, General Studies, Williamsport Margaret A Harvath, Dental Hygiene, Punxsutawney Michael A Hasco, Floral Design/Interior Plantscape, Carlisle Andrew E Hawkes, Computer-Aided Drafting Technology, Ceres, N.Y. Bryan T Hayes, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Kersey Eamonn O Hayes, Plumbing, Williamsport Daniel L Hebert, Computer Science Emphasis, Pleasant Gap Harvey M Heiserman, Automotive Technology Management, Williamsport Keith D Helsel, Surveying Technology, Woodbury David J Herb, Building Construction Technology, Wiliamsport Jeremy J Hess, Building Construction Technology, Elizabethtown Patrick Hester, Automotive Technology Management, Timonium, Md. Chad R Hettler, Electrical Technology, Bloomsburg Sheryl C Hicks, Applied Human Services, Williamsport Marty A Higgins Jr, Automated Manufacturing Technology, Harveys Lake Matthew J Hilkert, Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, Danville Duncan Hill, Data Communications and Networking Emphasis, Williamsport Jeremiah S Hill, Environmental Technology, Beech Creek Samuel J Hilliard, Building Construction Technology, Milesburg Jason M Hilton, Analysis and Design Emphasis, State College Jamie R Himes, Cabinetmaking & Millwork, Altoona Anne L Hindman, Human Services, South Williamsport Bradley A Hitz, Toolmaking Technology, Elizabethtown Jason R Hockenberry, Machinist General, Williamsport Jill E Hoffines, Floral Design/Interior Plantscape, Marietta Aimee L Hoffman, Pre-Physician Assistant, Winfield Aaron J Holler, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Shamokin Crystal D Hoover, Early Childhood Education, Williamsport Joshua R Hoover, Electronics Technology, Dushore Olivia A Horn, Mass Communications, Montoursville Wendy A Horning, Technical and Professional Communication, Montoursville John D Hotter, Construction Carpentry, Millerton William R Houpt, Civil Engineering Technology, Mifflinburg Amanda Houseknecht, Legal Assistant/Paralegal, Muncy Daniel A Hovey Jr, Computer-Aided Drafting Technology, Antes Fort Brandon J Howe, Data Communications and Networking Emphasis, New Oxford Shane M Howell, Ford Asset, Quarryville Shawn M Hoyt, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, New Albany Aaron Hufford, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Clarks Summit Celeste M Hughes, Pre-Physician Assistant, Trout Run Eli Hughes, Electronics Engineering Technology, Kane Nicolas A Humphrey, Construction Management, Warsaw. N.Y. Jeramiah J Hunter, Auto Body Technology, Liberty Kirby C Huntsinger, Data Communications and Networking Emphasis, Valley View Stacy L Hyde, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Selinsgrove [Back to Top]

Shawn E Irwin, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Hanover Amanda M Isaacson, Architectural Technology, Williamsport [Back to Top]

Dawn M Jacobs, Pre-Nursing, Williamsport Lana K Jacobs, Baking and Pastry Arts, Williamsport Rick N Jaggers, Cabinetmaking & Millwork, Spring Grove Keith L Jeffcoat, Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, Elkridge, Md. Terry W Jeirles, Machinist General, Middleburg Peter A Jerrom, Landscape/Nursery Technology, Perkasie Erin M Johnson, Early Childhood Education, Sunbury Joseph E Johnson, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Sabinsville William S Johnston, Plumbing, Pennsdale Christopher M Jones, Plastics and Polymer Technology, Summit Hill Christopher W Jones, Pre-Physician Assistant, Williamsport Dawn K Jones, Pre-Physician Assistant, Williamsport Jason R Jones, Pre-Radiography, Williamsport Monica L Jones, Business Administration, Jersey Shore [Back to Top]

Wesley T Kaluzny, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Lock Haven Bernard E Kammerdiener Jr, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, TamaquaKelley A Kane, Physician Assistant, Coal Township Derek R Kanuck, Welding Technology, Ephrata Zachary A Kauffman, Computer-Aided Product and Systems Design, York Haven Andrew T Kayhanfar, Computer-Aided Drafting Technology, Williamsport Stephen V Keefer, HVAC Technology, West Chester Suzanne K Keener, Accounting, Williamsport Chris E Keilman Jr, Electrical Occupations, Belsano Andrew P Keister, Heavy Construction Equipment, Mifflinburg James J Kellmel, Aviation Maintenance Technician, Nanticoke Kathleen L Kennedy, Pre-Physician Assistant, Williamsport Laura A Keppel, Analysis and Design Emphasis, Montoursville Donald H Kerbaugh IV, Cabinetmaking & Millwork, West Easton Joseph W Kessinger, General Studies, Williamsport Carlene J Keyte, Culinary Arts Technology, Montoursville Audrey L Kiess, Electrical Technology, Cogan Station Christina L Kiessling, Business Programming Emphasis, Williamsport Kelly A Kiggins, Applied Human Services, Carlisle Stacy K King, Automotive Service Technician, Williamsport David C Kish, Business Programming Emphasis, Williamsport Dale J Kissinger Jr, HVAC Technology, South Williamsport Michael S Klabunde, Construction Carpentry, Easton Robert J Klase, Pre-Physician Assistant, Bethlehem Brandy S Klesa, Office Technology, Coudersport Jessica E Klimesh, Mass Communications, Brownstown Andrew J Kline, Aviation Technology, Macungie Rebecca J Kline, Graphic Design, Millville Shelby L Knouse, Early Childhood Education, Lewistown Tanya A Koch, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Watsontown Chad A Kocher, HVAC Technology, Elizabethville Joseph D Kocher, Automotive Engineering Technology, Pottsville Brad A Koehle, Construction Carpentry, Altoona Mitchell A Kopp, Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, Mount Joy Jamie M Kovac, Applied Human Services, Johnstown Thomas A Kowalcyk, Culinary Arts Technology, Bellefonte Brandee J Krall, Travel and Tourism Emphasis, Watsontown Colleen M Krall, Travel and Tourism Emphasis, Watsontown Michelle L Kranz, Biology, South Williamsport Steven W Kreisher, Radiography, Mifflinburg Daniel L Krenn, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Pittsburgh Matthew A Kressley, HVAC Technology, Gettysburg Richard I Krick Jr, Technology Management, Jersey Shore Jo Ann Krisher, Technology Management, Watsontown Brian E Kunes, Toolmaking Technology, Beech Creek Heidi D Kunselman, Dental Hygiene, Hawthorn Adam B Kurtz, Electrical Occupations, Spruce Creek Kristofer S Kurzweg, Automotive Technology Management, Fleetwood [Back to Top]

Steven B Lacock, Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, Quakertown Jeremy P Lampman, Graphic Design, Horseheads, N.Y. Michele A Landon, General Studies, Trout Run Coranne S Lang, Electronics Technology, Williamsport Kelly Lanks, General Studies, Antes Fort Shawn M Lape, Civil Engineering Technology, Jersey Shore Amy L Lapham, Radiography, Hanover Sharon M Larson, Computer-Aided Drafting Technology, Williamsport Linda M Laubach, Legal Assistant/Paralegal Studies, Danville Joseph C Laudermilch, Toolmaking Technology, Harrisburg James C Laughlin, Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, New Alexander Stephanie E Lawton, Construction Management, Williamsport Edward L Leedy, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Wellsboro Andrew J Leigey, Automotive Service Technician, Milton Russell T Leshinski, Pre-Physician Assistant, Mount Carmel Ryan A Lesley, Microcomputer Specialist, Harrisburg Adam H Lester, Electronics Technology, Johnstown Chad Lester, Aviation Technology, Lincoln University Chad J Lewis, Auto Body Technology, Danville Jeffrey A Lieb, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Stroudsburg Justin M Linton, Construction Carpentry, Lancaster Andrew S Littlejohn, Construction Management, Blandon Daniel R Long, Computer Science Emphasis, Williamsport Timothy B Long, Automotive Technology Management, Hatfield Joseph J Lonjin, Semiconductor Processing Technology, West Decatur Cynthia A Love, Applied Human Services, Lock Haven David W Lundy, Environmental Technology, Cogan Station Jennifer L Lusch, Pre-Dental Hygiene, Howard Jason N Lutz, Landscape/Nursery Technology, Montoursville Paul J Lyon, Aviation Technology, Kirkwood [Back to Top]

Jason R Maciejewski, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Catawissa James P Mack, Diesel Technology, Gilbertsville Cindy M Maclam, Physical Fitness Specialist, Williamsport Maggie Magagna, Data Communications and Networking Emphasis, Williamsport Richard A Maguire, Construction Carpentry, Bloomsburg Jason A Mains, Building Construction Technology, Gettysburg Gallahad E Mallery, Analysis and Design Emphasis, Williamsport Ky Maria, Electronics Engineering Technology, Clarks Summit Jacob L Markey, Automotive Technology, York Andrew C Martin, Electronics Engineering Technology, Palmyra Daniel W Martin, Civil Engineering Technology, Loganton Gregory C Martin, Plumbing, Pleasant Gap Shannon L Martin, Construction Management, Ephrata Thomas L Martz, Construction Carpentry, Williamsport Lois A Masser, Pre-Occupational Therapy, Allenwood Andrew Mathews, Pre-Physician Assistant, Farmington, N.Y. Brett E Mattern, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, South Williamsport Michael J Mattivi, Construction Management, Catawissa Danique M Maurer, Graphic Design, Allentown Denise R Maust, Office Information Systems, Danville Carrie Mausteller, Applied Human Services, Williamsport Carrie A Mayer, Medical Office Specialist, Linden Jarrod S Mays, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Fredonia Shaun P McAdams,, White Haven Rochelle E McAndrews, Technical and Professional Communication, Williamsport Kristen J McCall, Automotive Technology, Philadelphia William T McCarthy, Microcomputer Specialist, Danville James D McCliment, Pre-Physician Assistant, Philipsburg Jason G McConnell, Construction Carpentry, Trout Run Melissa McCoy, Applied Human Services, Johnstown Joseph R McGinley, Communications/Fiber Optics Emphasis, Bloomsburg Amanda K McGinniss, Architectural Technology, Lock Haven Sarah J McInnis, Graphic Design, Shrewsbury Brandon J McKee, Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, Nesquehoning Jason L Mearig, Computer-Aided Product and Systems Design, Lititz Kimberly A Meckley, Toolmaking Technology, Linden George Medved, CAT Emphasis, Smithfield Eric C Melhorn, Automotive Technology, Bendersville Lucas W Mellinger, Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, Newville Norman E Mellott Jr, Electrical Technology, McConnellsburg Steven V Mellott Jr, Building Construction Technology, Tyrone Michelle D Merrifield, Advertising Art, Williamsport Tammy M Mesmer, Early Childhood Education, Montoursville Matthew T Messimer, Computer-Aided Drafting Technology, Millerstown Toni M Metzger, Business Management, Williamsport Nathan A Metzler, Forest Technology, Watsontown Denise M Michael, General Studies, Williamsport Jeremy J Michaels, Graphic Design, Harford Jonathan P Michaels, Masonry Emphasis, Morrisdale Jennifer E Mignot, Radiography, Osceola Mills Brian M Miller, Heavy Construction Equipment, Greensburg Brian S Miller, Auto Body Technology, Mountain Top Christopher S Miller, Automotive Technology, Beech Creek Kathy D Miller, Mack Emphasis, Wellsboro Marc A Miller, Pre-Physician Assistant, Lewisburg Scott W Miller, Construction Management, New Britain John D Miller Jr, Ford Asset, Boyertown Jared M Miney, Avionics Technology, Latrobe Gina L Mingle, Office Administration Specialist, Muncy John R Minto, Cabinetmaking & Millwork, Lyndora Jennifer J Mitchell, Technical and Professional Communication, Montoursville Wayne B Mitz, Automotive Engineering Technology, Hanover Sarah E Moats, Dental Hygiene, Gap Lydia S Moister, Pre-Dental Hygiene, Sellersville Justin P Moore, Automotive Technology, Bloomsburg Lori A Moore, Accounting, Allenwood Tymon J Moore, Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, Jersey Shore Robert W Morehart Jr, Business Administration, South Williamsport Justin F Morgan, Construction Carpentry, Pottsville Krista R Morris, Physician Assistant, Williamsport Robert L Morris, Computer-Aided Product and Systems Design, Williamsport Matthew E Morrison, Cabinetmaking & Millwork, Pleasantville David A Mosher, Electronics Technology, Hawley Glenn H Mosher, Business Management, Williamsport Wave D Mosher, Electrical Occupations, Meadville Mark A Moskovich, Electrical Technology, Bloomsburg Marion C Mowery, Travel and Tourism Emphasis, Watsontown Julie J Moyer, Business Programming Emphasis, BloomsburgBrian J Mullen, Toolmaking Technology, Ebensburg Alisa M Murphy, Pre-Physician Assistant, Wellsboro Adamo A Mussari, Construction Management, Chalfont Abdul Rahim M Mustafawi, Business Administration, Williamsport Brian R Myers, Electrical Technology, Peach Bottom John C Mylin V, Welding Technology, New Columbia [Back to Top]

James T Nahrgang, Computer Automation Maintenance Emphasis, Macungie Jason P Narber, Landscape/Nursery Technology, Boalsburg Bob Nasser, Building Construction Technology, Mineral Point Kathy J Neff, Advertising Art, Millheim Nathan G Neff, Industrial Maintenance Technology, Manheim Desiree A Nichols, Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, Hughesville Thomas J Nitterour, Building Construction Technology, Oakford Rodney L Noel, Toolmaking Technology, Duncansville Erik S Nordstrom, Graphic Design, Williamsport Michael S Novosel, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Mingoville Jesse D Nuschke, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Waynesboro Jonathan Nyemscek, Ford Asset, Emmaus [Back to Top]

Mary Ann Ober, Pre-Physician Assistant, Mount Joy Craig A Olechovski, Automotive Service Management, Shelocta [Back to Top]

Benjamin J Page, Construction Carpentry, Newport Gary A Palm, Machinist General, Sligo Timothy D Parise, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Fountain Hill Jessica A Parker, Pre-Physician Assistant, Williamsport Tammy S Parthemer, Human Services, Mansfield Lisa A Patt, Physician Assistant, Muncy Christopher M Pelc, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Whitehall Benjamin T Penrod, Cabinetmaking & Millwork, Windber Gail S Pentz, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Muncy Michael A Persing, Electronics Engineering Technology, Cogan Station Nathaniel E Persing, Automotive Technology, Snydertown Frank L Peters, Building Construction Technology, Montoursville Ryan H Peters, Data Communications and Networking Emphasis, State College Robert T Petrie, Construction Management, State College Erica M Petrof, Dental Hygiene, Philipsburg Daniel C Phillips, Data Communications and Networking Emphasis, Altoona Gabriel J Picarello II, General Studies, Williamsport Heather A Pifer, General Studies, Wellsboro Joseph Pistilli, Automotive Technology Management, Williamsport Robert C Pleis Jr, Aviation Maintenance Technician, Tioga Hila E Plotts, Legal Assistant/Paralegal-Preprogram, Coudersport Craig M Plowman, Heavy Construction Equipment Technician, Cooperstown Jennifer D Plummer, Pre-Occupational Therapy, Coudersport Melissa L Porter, Legal Assistant/Paralegal Studies, Williamsport Michael P Potemra, Printing and Publishing Technology, Williamsport Jude V Pramuk, Building Construction Technology, Portage William J Pratt, Business Administration, Mifflinburg Darren A Price, Graphic Design, Shillington Michael J Pricer, Automotive Technology Management, Dallastown Sheryl A Pryor, Pre-Physician Assistant, Williamsport Joanne M Przybycien, Executive Emphasis, Troy Thomas G Przywara, Ford Asset, Old Forge Victor P Pupo, Physician Assistant, Kulpmont [Back to Top]

Michael J Quino Jr, Computer-Aided Product and Systems Design, Annville [Back to Top]

Matthew A Rabb, Forest Technology, Muncy George E Rainey Jr, Aviation Technology, Morrisdale Susan M Ramos, Medical Emphasis, Troy Fawn M Ranck, Pre-Physician Assistant, Watsontown Christopher L Reed, Technology Management, Montoursville Christopher P Reeder, Construction Management, Chambersburg Tyler A Reedy, Food and Hospitality Management, Sunbury Jared L Reese, Individual Studies, Wellsboro Bradley Reeser, Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, Williamsport William M Regan, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Lawrenceville Brian A Reidy, Electronics Engineering Technology, Williamsport Timothy Reitz, Legal Assistant/Paralegal, Montgomery Matthew R Remaley, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Turbotville Veronica Reyes, Pre-Nursing, Williamsport Joel B Reynolds, Ford Asset, Emmaus Jeremey L Rhoades, Microcomputer Specialist, Lewisburg Nicholas S Riccio, Aviation Technology, Colchester, Vt. Thomas J Rider, Microcomputer Specialist, Williamsport Mark A Riglin, Aviation Technology, Bellefonte Andrea J Ringling, Physician Assistant, Muncy Dennis L Ritchey, Ford Asset, Belleville Nova C Ritchey, Baking and Pastry Arts, State College Sandra S Ritter, General Studies, Williamsport Chad D Robbins, Construction Management, Bloomsburg Kenneth R Robbins, Aviation Technology, Jersey Shore Taber A Robbins, Aviation Technology, Columbia Cross Roads Jennifer L Rogers, Electronics Engineering Technology, St. Marys George R Roles, Legal Assistant/Paralegal-Preprogram, Williamsport Shelby L Roles, Applied Human Services, Williamsport Amy Ross-Mcintosh, Applied Human Services, Muncy Ryan V Rossi, Automotive Technology, Ferndale Connie S Roush, Early Childhood Education, Sunbury Philip M H Rowe, Nursing-Adv Place, Sunbury James I Roy II, Computer Automation Maintenance Emphasis, Watsontown Josh Rudloff, Ford Asset, Reading Vicki L Rump, Data Communications and Networking Emphasis, Montgomery David K Runner, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Jersey Shore Robby R Russell, Diesel Technology, Tamaqua Joseph Rybnick III, Building Construction Technology, Williamsport [Back to Top]

John W Saal, Graphic Design, Springfield Andrew L Sabo, Heavy Construction Equipment Technician, Pottstown Christopher P Sabo, Electronics Engineering Technology, Montoursville Edward J Saboski, Electrical Occupations, Williamsport David R Sacerino, Building Construction Technology, Johnstown Marc W Saeler, Building Construction Technology, Jackson Center Virginia S Santee, Legal Assistant/Paralegal, Williamsport Michael J Santini, Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, Plumville Jennifer A Sauder, Pre-Dental Hygiene, Camp Hill Dennis J Sawyer, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Minerial Point Thomas J Sawyer, Heavy Construction Equipment, Mineral Point Jason G Saylor, Toolmaking Technology, Todd William H Schaefer, Automotive Technology, Jersey Shore Harley C Schaeffer, Computer Automation Maintenance Emphasis, Bernville Jonathan S Schall, Electronics Engineering Technology, Jersey Shore Robb S Schenck, Automotive Technology, Mill Hall Lee B Schmid, Building Construction Technology, Portage Faye M Schmoke, Computer-Aided Drafting Technology, Williamsport Joshua Schneider, Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, Linden Jodie Schock, Graphic Design, Denville, N.J. Jason M Schoonmaker, Automotive Technology, Jersey Shore Joclyn Schramm, Early Childhood Education, Williamsport Terri L Schreffler, Accounting, Shermans Dale Thomas L Schuler, Business Administration, Williamsport Eric M Schwenk, Data Communications and Networking Emphasis, Lock Haven Amanda L Scott, Baking and Pastry Arts, York Larry R Sechler, Diesel Technology, Turbotville Andrew J Seise, Pre-Physician Assistant, Williamsport Daniel A Seman, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Salisbury, Md. Nichole M Shadle, Medical Emphasis, Galeton Ronald R Shambach Jr, Landscape/Nursery Technology, Selinsgrove Zurich E Shanahan, Automated Manufacturing Technology, Titusville Kristopher C Shaner, Business Management, Hughesville Doreen C Shannon, Business Management, Hughesville Matthew W Sharpless, Forest Technology, Huntingdon Christopher D Shawley, Computer-Aided Drafting Technology, Milesburg Robert B Sheaffer, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Elverson Suzette M Shears, Physician Assistant, Boalsburg John A Sheesley, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Beavertown Timothy R Shepler, Data Communications and Networking Emphasis, Pine Grove Bonnie S Sherman, Microcomputer Specialist, Williamsport Paul E Shimel, Automotive Service Management, Morrisdale Elizabeth A Shively, Surgical Technology, Williamsport Stewart R Shoemaker, Forest Technology, Williamsport Warren T Shook Jr, Welding, Bangor Beth Showers, Dental Hygiene, Selinsgrove Melanie A Shuey, Pre-Physician Assistant, Steelton Andrew M Shughart, Electrical Technology, Mount Holly Springs Dale L Shughart, Forest Technology, Mansfield Eric D Shultz, Toolmaking Technology, Danville Jack W Sidari, Building Construction Technology, Campbell, N.Y. Christopher J Simmons, General Studies, Jersey Shore Michael D Simmons, Computer-Aided Drafting Technology, Williamsport Jeffrey R Sisk, Construction Carpentry, Hyndman Mara J Skoczynski, Civil Engineering Technology, Pottsville Matthew D Slingerland, Landscape/Nursery Technology, Williamsport Jolene M Slothour, Landscape/Nursery Technology, Aspers Michael J Slupe, Building Construction Technology, York Alisha A Smeltzer, Dental Hygiene, Felton Barbara E Smeltzer, Microcomputer Specialist, Jersey Shore Brad E Smith, Electronics Engineering Technology, Bangor Jason E Smith, Machinist General, Punxsutawney Sigrid K Smith, Floral Design/Interior Plantscape, Williamsport Harold J Smith Jr, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Pottsville Lee R Snook, Electrical Technology, Millmont Roger L Snook, Toolmaking Technology, McClure Brian L Snyder, Accounting, Muncy Dawn M Snyder, Nursing, Milton Kelly K Snyder, Pre-Dental Hygiene (B.S)., Fairview Ryan D Snyder, Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, Sunbury Tina D Snyder, Landscape/Nursery Technology, Laporte Bennett M Snyder Jr, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Williamsport Steven A Sochor, Welding Technology, Carlton Nina A Sontheimer, Pre-Physician Assistant, Muncy Karen L Spaar, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Trout Run Trevor B Spence, Plastics and Polymer Technology, Mountville Andrew J Spencer, Electrical Technology, Canton Adam D Spigelmyer, Accounting, McClure Richard Spigelmyer, Heavy Construction Equipment, Lewistown John V Spinella, Plastics and Polymer Technology, Laporte Monica A Spotts, Computer Science Emphasis, Mount Pleasant Mills Martha L Spring, Accounting, Williamsport Matthew S Sprinsky, Electronics Engineering Technology, Montoursville Veronica R Stanton, Legal Assistant/Paralegal, Dushore Jennifer E Staron, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Liberty Sheldon J Staron, Toolmaking Technology, Liberty Christopher J Stein, Architectural Technology, Mill Hall Larry J Steinruck, Avionics Technology, Williamsport Reginald R Stelfox, Toyota Emphasis, Dover Adam J Steppe, Welding, Jersey Shore Thomas E Steppe Jr, Diesel Technology, Williamsport Rodney D Stiffler, Welding Technology, Johnstown Mary Ann K Stine, Pre-Radiography, South Williamsport Richard E Stine Jr, Construction Carpentry, Millville Tina D Straight, Baking and Pastry Arts, Shamokin Joseph W Straub, Computer-Aided Drafting Technology, Paxtonville Charles R Stump, Toolmaking Technology, York Taya J Sundling, Business Administration, Selinsgrove David M Sweeley II, Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, Williamsport Douglas M Swick, Heavy Construction Equipment, Johnstown Tammy L Swortwood, General Studies, Mill Hall Galen L Swyers, Computer Science Emphasis, Yeagertown [Back to Top]

Tony M Tanious, Pre-Physician Assistant, Columbia Elisabeth R Taylor, Legal Assistant/Paralegal, Northumberland Tammy Taylor, Accounting, Lawrenceville Kasey L Teachman, Legal Assistant/Paralegal, Westfield Joseph M Tertel Jr, Graphic Design, Frackville Benjamin R Thomas, Architectural Technology, Jersey Shore Carolyn J Thomas, Accounting, McElhattan Jason V Thomas, Construction Carpentry, Warminster Patricia A Thomas, Business Management, Williamsport Brent J Thomasco, Electrical Technology, Lebanon Robert K Thompson, Communications/Fiber Optics Emphasis, Elkland George R Thurman, Construction Management, Boalsburg James M Toon, Biology, Trout Run Christopher A Trapani, Automotive Technology Management, Danville Justin G Treher, Data Communications and Networking Emphasis, Chambersburg Kristy Treweek, Accounting, Reedsville Anthony D True, Analysis and Design Emphasis, Muncy Dawn R Tuttoilmondo, Early Childhood Education, North East Jeremy S Tyler, Building Construction Technology, Montgomery [Back to Top]

Shawn P Ulmer, Welding and Fabrication Engineering Technology, Milton Brian C Ulrich, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Allenwood James D Ulrich Jr, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Allenwood Bradley R Ulsh, Electrical Technology, Pine Grove Todd A Unger, Construction Management, York [Back to Top]

James R Van Atta, Ford Asset, York Thomas M Van Horn, Graphic Design, State College Jesse A Vance, Ford Asset, Danville Daniel E Vaughn, Toyota Emphasis, Williamsport Paul E Vavra, Surgical Technology Emphasis, Williamsport Noah A Vogler, Automated Manufacturing Technology, Williamsport Philip J Vojtko, Avionics Technology, Williamsport [Back to Top]

David C Wagner, Automated Manufacturing Technology, Belleville Eric L Wagner, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Paxtonville Wells P Wagner Jr, Building Construction Technology, McClure Kristy L Waite, Electronics Technology, Chandlers Valley Marc D Walbert, Computer-Aided Product and Systems Design, Alburtis James Walker, Electrical Technology, Williamsport William C Walker, Toolmaking Technology, Williamsport William K Walmer, Aviation Technology, Aspers Beth A Walsh, Pre-Nursing, Sunbury Elizabeth A Wandell, Accounting, Athens David W Warihay, Heavy Construction Equipment, Conestoga Daniel S Watkins, Pre-Physician Assistant, Milton Robert A Way, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Kempton Christopher J Wenner, Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, Williamsport Dale R Wenrich, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Montgomery Susan J Wenrich, Pre-Dental Hygiene, Leola Elion M Wentzel III, Plastics and Polymer Technology, Harrisburg Gerald C Wertz, Civil Engineering Technology, Danville Jonathan Whetstone, Printing and Publishing Technology, Coopersburg Lisa J White, Microcomputer Specialist, Lock Haven Michael J White, Diesel Technology, Harleysville Joseph E Whiteman, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Summerville Richard A Whitworth, Automotive Technology Management, Atco, N.J. Tammy S Wiggins, Printing and Publishing Technology, Kinzers Richard P Wilds, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Berwick Pamela J Williams, Pre-Nursing, Mifflinburg Brad A Williamson, Cabinetmaking & Millwork, Woolrich Kimberley L Williamson, Pre-Physician Assistant, Pittsburgh Dennis J Willis, Landscape/Nursery Technology, Saxonburg Mark Willis, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Orrstown Jonetta L Wilson, Radiography, Mifflinburg Mark A Wilson Jr, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, North Warren Kevin J Winkelblech, Communications/Fiber Optics Emphasis, State College Oliver J Wise, Building Construction Technology, Camp Hill Betty J Wolf, Legal Assistant/Paralegal Studies, Williamsport Mandy E Wolf, Pre-Occupational Therapy, Selinsgrove Melissa J Wolf, Human Services, Williamsport Mical R Wolf, Business Administration, Hughesville Max R Wolfe, Toolmaking Technology, St. Marys Jason S Wolgemuth, Aviation Technology, Elizabethtown Pamela R Wollet, Applied Human Services, Williamsport Kenneth L Woodruff Jr, Plastics and Polymer Technology, Bloomsburg Nicole L Wright, Pre-Physician Assistant, Bloomsburg Chelsea H Wurster, Electronics Technology, Jersey Shore Eric Wurster, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Linden [Back to Top]

Jessica M Yamas, General Studies, Williamsport Charles A Yaw, Applied Human Services, Montoursville John R Young, Toolmaking Technology, Jersey Shore Melissa R Young, Applied Human Services, Hughesville Michael L Young, Aviation Technology, York Pamela R Young, Early Childhood Education, Genesee Raymond L Young, Business Management, Mill Hall [Back to Top]

Angela D Zapola, Office Administration Specialist, Cogan Station Linette M Zarzyczny, Business Administration, Montgomery Philip W Zeafla, Technical and Professional Communication, Liberty David B Zeigenfuse, Analysis and Design Emphasis, Shamokin Michael T Zenzel, Construction Carpentry, Millville Michael P Zilla,, Ford City Jonathan M Zimmerle, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Medinah, Ill. Debra D Zinck, Applied Human Services, Woolrich

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