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Penn College Among Stops in 21st Century Automotive Challenge

Biodiesel-fueled cars arrive at College Avenues Labs Jerry Clever, of Chambersburg, passionately explains his vegetable oil-fueled vehicle Steven H. Wallace, assistant dean of transportation technology, right, shows the Parkes Automotive Technology Center to the father-son team of Edward and James Kreibeck, of Warminster Ronald A. Garner, automotive professor, right, talks with J. Scott Pflumm, a Penn State research engineer Three alternative-fuel vehicles made a road trip from University Park to Penn College on Saturday morning as part of the 21st Century Automotive Challenge hosted by Penn State’s Hybrid and Hydrogen Vehicle Research Laboratory. Two Mercedes-Benz automobiles, converted to run on biodiesel, and a Toyota Prius pace car traveled to the College Avenue Labs parking lot, where their “crews” displayed and discussed the vehicles. Among those taking part were Steven H. Wallace, assistant dean of transportation technology; automotive faculty members Ronald A. Garner and Charles F. Probst; and Charles G. Frey, director of automotive specialties for AAA North Penn. “It is a unique opportunity for our students to be exposed to futuristic cars,” said Colin W. Williamson, the college’s dean of transportation technology, “especially in light of today’s emphasis on cleaner and more efficient transportation.” The visit was part of a three-day 21st Century Automotive Challenge, part of which included technical inspections of vehicles by Penn College students who traveled to Centre County on Friday.

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