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PCToday Responds to Comment About Political Coverage

A member of the Pennsylvania College of Technology community has commented to PCToday about coverage given to political campaign events held in the city this week.

PCToday received a college-to-college invitation from Lycoming College on Wednesday, asking our faculty, staff and students to feel welcome to participate in the campaign rally being held on that campus Thursday. As partners in the College Town initiative, PCToday agreed to extend this invitation. No such invitation was extended to PCToday for the other rally held in Williamsport that same day. However, in an effort to provide balanced coverage, PCToday did include a reference to the Bowman Field rally and provided a link to more information for those who were interested.

On Friday morning, a PCToday reader forwarded a photo taken at the Lycoming rally and asked that it be shared with other readers. The photo featured a student and a Penn College shirt and a candidate who is also a well-known political figure in the United States; so PCToday editors determined it did have reader interest and chose to share it. The photo was not taken by staff, nor did staff solicit photographs from the event.

PCToday in no way whatsoever endorses any political candidate or political party.

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