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PCToday & Portal

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The expansion of the myPCT portal this fall has added new opportunities for sharing information across campus. Some students and employees have asked questions about how to use the college’s online communication mechanisms, myPCT and PCToday effectively.

What is the difference between the portal and the college’s Web site?

The myPCT portal is an intranet, which is a Web site that is restricted by user ID and password; only selected audiences can view the content of the Web site. Penn College offers the myPCT Portal for students and employees. The myPCT Portal is offered in addition to the college website that is used for sharing information publicly.

Why does Penn College offer an intranet portal in addition to its Web site?

The myPCT Portal gives students and employees the ability to share information without exposing it to the general public. For example, notes from club or committee meetings or announcements intended only for students and/or employees can be posted on a secure intranet portal. No one outside the selected audience can view the information.

There are situations in which information is appropriate both for a selected audience of employees and/or students and for the general public. In those cases, messages may be placed both on the myPCT Portal and on the Web site.

In particular, news and information about employees, students and campus activities that could be of interest to parents, prospective students and their families, and the general public should be submitted to PCToday, as well as the myPCT Portal. News feeds from PCToday also can be viewed on the myPCT Portal, and on various department Web pages – allowing for maximum exposure for appropriate news and information.

Students, as well as student organizations and their advisers, must submit requests to share news and information – both on PCToday or the portal – through the Student Activities office.