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‘PC3′: A tail-waggin’, beanbag-tossin’ good time

The traditional start of Penn College’s fall semester, dubbed “PC3,” entreats students to “Meet People, Get Involved” through a schedule of activities as packed as it is varied. Industrious student photographers captured several events held during the first of three weeks’ worth of diversion:  an Off-Campus and Commuter Picnic on the intramural field; “Hot Dog, You’re Here,” in which faculty/staff-owned canines (led indoors by a threatening forecast) eased students’ away-from-home blues; “Prize Palooza” in the Field House; and a colorful Paint Party on the PDC lawn. Don’t believe us that Week Two can bring even more fun? Just watch!

– Photos by Tim Wegman and Juvy A. Orillaza, student photographers


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