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Paul Gable & Sons Electric Donates Equipment to College

Paul Gable & Sons Electric of Kylertown recently donated electrical equipment valued at $29,337 to Pennsylvania College of Technology.

The equipment, which will be used for instructional purposes, includes a plug-in busway, hangers, end caps, tap boxes and motors, said Joseph M. Younes, instructor of electrical technology/occupations at the College.

“The plug-in busway transports electrical energy to production machines,” said Younes, who accepted the gift for the School of Construction and Design Technologies. “A plug-in busway is much like a panel board extending through a complete-load area; however, the busway system is much more flexible. For example, if a machine is to be moved from one location to another, it is a simple matter to unplug the circuit and move it to a new location and plug it back in.”

Students in the electrical occupations program will install and work with the equipment in the lab section of the industrial wiring course. Younes said the donation typifies the close relationship the College maintains with industry partners.

“It really means a lot when someone donates equipment that students will be using in the work field,” he said. “It gives them the hands-on experience that students need to learn.”

The equipment was donated to the College by Gary Gable, president of Paul Gable & Sons Electric.

Over the course of 48 years, the Gable family has been part of the College family. Paul Gable received his degree in 1952 from Williamsport Technical Institute. His sons Gary and Roy graduated in 1974 and 1971, respectively, from Williamsport Area Community College. Currently, Gary?s son Lee is a student in the construction management/ electrical technology major, and Lee?s brother Jay will be enrolled in the electrical occupations major in the Fall 2000 semester.

According to Lee Gable: “Without the support of our family and the faculty and staff, we would not be where we are today. Education has been and will continue to be an important part of our lives.”

“It is rewarding to see alumni who have become successful using the skills they learned in college,” said Dennis L. Correll, associate dean for institutional advancement. “We are grateful that many of our alumni remember how their college experience impacted their lives and in return have provided resources that help current students receive an education that will have a similar impact.”

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