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Passenger Aircraft Sheltered in College Hangar During Repairs

Dash-8 dwarfs other aircraft inside the Penn College hangar at the Williamsport Regional Airport US Airways Express plane under repair at Lumley Aviation Center A DeHavilland Dash-8 owned by Piedmont Airlines, a subsidiary of US Airways Express, temporarily will be housed in the Lumley Aviation Center hangar while the sealant used to repair a fuel leak cures. Dana B. Carver, who graduated from Williamsport Area Community College in 1981 in aviation maintenance and who is director of maintenancefor US Airways Express, called to report the leak on one of the planes that flies in and out of Williamsport Regional Airport in Montoursville. The sealant used to repair such a leak will not cure properly in cold temperatures, so Carver asked if the airline could use the college hangar the only one at the local airport large enough to accommodate an aircraft of such size. US Airways mechanics will seal the leak and the plane will remain indoors until the sealant cures. ( Photos and information provided by Thomas D. Inman, associate professor of avionics.)

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