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Part-Time Job Opportunities Available Through eRecruiting

The Job Location & Development Program, through Career Services, is pleased to announce that all part-time job opportunities now can be viewed online through eRecruiting.

Pennsylvania College of Technology participates in eRecruiting through the Experience Network Systems. Experience is the leading provider of Web-based recruiting services for college and university communities. They provide a high-tech link between employers, students and alumni. This online service also allows easy access to job opportunities, internships and co-operative experiences, resumes, referrals and on-campus recruiting activities, such as interviews and information sessions.

To open an account, visit the eRecruiting Network and click on the “Create Account” link in the bottom left corner to register. To activate the account, you will have to sign off on the Terms of Agreement. Those terms can be reviewed online prior to starting the account. Once those steps have been completed, on the eRecruiting homepage, click on JLD Part-Time Positions under “One-Click Searches.”

Due to federal regulations, the JLD application will continue to be required before employer information is released. Please contact the JLD coordinator by e-mail; at ext. 4765 or in CC, Room 204, for additional information regarding this process.

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