Panel Discussion Helps Define Proper Use of Third-Party Material

The Gallery at Penn College offers a beautiful venue for a discussion on intellectual property.

Madigan Library assistant director JoAnn L. Eichenlaub, White and Derr bring their expertise to the panel.

Albert offers insight into the art, science and business of patents.

Matthew D. Krepps, a member of the aviation maintenance faculty, poses a question.

Madigan Library fittingly provided the venue Tuesday for an interactive panel discussion designed to increase faculty/staff literacy about using third-party works as resources and inspiration. Sponsored by Penn College’s Copyright and Fair Use Advisory Group, “Intellectual Property Matters!”  helped employees and students navigate the legal and responsible use of others’ works and to determine when permission is necessary. Panelists included Eric K. Albert, an associate professor of machine tool technology and automated manufacturing; Kevin R. Derr, professor of legal assistant; and Austin White, an attorney with the McCormick Law Firm.

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