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Outdoor Exercises Fine-Tune Cadets’ Leadership Skills

ROTC cadets undergo field training This past weekend, the Bison Battalion the Bucknell University-based ROTC program comprising Bucknell, Bloomsburg and Susquehanna universities, Penn College and Lycoming College conducted fall Field Training Exercises at Camp Karoondinha in Glen Iron. The training consisted of situational exercises and day/night land navigation to further develop cadets’aptitude as future leaders. Cadets were introduced to battle drills and the techniques for conducting tactical missions, such as how to react to enemy contact, set up an ambush and successfully perform a recon mission. While learning the doctrines of specific tactics required for each mission, cadets also were working to improve their knowledge and confidence and to hone their leadership. During land navigation, the cadets used a magnetic compass and protractor to determine distances and directions of points on a map, planned which route to take, and retrieved codes posted at each point.

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