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Opportunities Exist for Sophomores in Army ROTC

Opportunities exist for sophomores in Army ROTCThe Bucknell University-based Bison Battalion remindssophomores that it’s not too late to start the process of becoming an officer in the U.S. Army.

The first step into the two-year ROTC program is the Summer Leadership Training Course, a fully paid, four-week training coursenormally attended between the sophomore and junior years of college.

Be part of this nationally distinguished Army ROTC program, chosen as the “Best Small-School Army ROTC” in the country for 2004 and 2005.

LTC training Includes:

  • Basic rifle marksmanship
  • Land navigation
  • Confidence-course training (rappelling, high-rope course)
  • Water survival
  • Time management
  • Leadership development

Students may attend LTC if they

  • have not completed the freshman and sophomore ROTC courses
  • are medically qualified (ROTC will schedule applicants at no cost)
  • are pursuing a four-year college degree
  • possess a strong desire to serve their country in the Army, Army Reserves or National Guard

Upon completion of LTC and enrollment in the ROTC class, students may:

  • be eligible for a two-year full-tuition-and-fees scholarship (includes book allowance of $900 a year)
  • Receive a $450-per-month tax-freepaycheck as a junior
  • Receive a $500-per-month tax-freepaycheck as a senior
  • Earn an Army commission upon graduation

For more information, contact Maj. Christopher Griffiths by phone at (570) 577-1013 or by e-mail or visit online. Information about the Bison Battalion also is available online , as is video of cadets in action. News about a recent award won by the battalion is available on the Web, as is a focus on one of the Bucknell cadets.

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