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Opportunities Exist for Majors With High Employment Potential

Activity heats up in the summer on the campus of Pennsylvania College of Technology, where the deadline for applications for admission for the fall semester is July 1. Fall-semester classes begin Aug. 22.

The college’s admissions director noted recently that many of the majors still open for enrollment this fall − including plastics, electronics, manufacturing/machining, culinary, graphic design, floral design, accounting, business, health information, aviation and environmental technology − represent career areas where there is a great demand for future workers.

“Opportunities are being missed,” said Chester D. Schuman, director of admissions. “These industries are calling for more qualified employees. Unfortunately, too many students do not consider the possibilities in these career fields − and the possibilities are endless!”

Schuman suggested that 2005 high school graduates who have not made their college decisions should consider the opportunities they may be missing.

“Time and again, national studies show that men and women who attend college earn more money over their lifetimes than those who do not continue their education beyond high school,” he said. “I advise graduating seniors and others who have not yet considered college to do so now. It is a way you can make the most of your potential and increase your future earning power.”

Overall, 95 percent of Penn College graduates are working within one year of graduation, according to the most recent graduate survey. The average annual full-time salaries for those graduates starting employment in jobs related to their field of study was $30,611.

Those who want to explore their potential at Penn College this fall − in associate-degree majors that allow early entrance into the workforce, or in bachelor-degree majors − should begin the process now, Schuman said.

“Don’t wait until August to decide that you want to begin classes in August,” he cautioned. “Get with us now − before July 1 − and fall enrollment is definitely possible in many of our majors.”

Penn College’s admissions process requires placement testing prior to acceptance. Individuals who wait until later in the summer to apply may find themselves unable to complete the process in time to schedule classes for fall. They also have less time to take advantage of services offered to incoming freshmen and may find fewer opportunities for scholarships and other forms of financial aid.

While some high school seniors are still considering their options for college at graduation time, Schuman said, now really is the best time for high school juniors to start submitting their college applications.

“There are still opportunities for enrollment this fall in a number of Penn College majors,” Schuman said. “But, many others, such as automotive, construction and health fields, are filled to capacity for this fall − and are filling fast for 2006. So, for juniors, or anyone thinking about enrolling next year, now is a good time to submit their applications for Fall 2006.”

Schuman said online resources − including an application − make it very easy for anyone to find out more about the college and to apply for admission without leaving home. But, he also was quick to point out that the Admissions Office will schedule campus tours for interested parties over the summer months.

“We are here. Just let us know you are interested,” he invited.

For more information, visit the college home page , call toll-free 1-800-367-9222, or send e-mail .

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