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Open House in the 1960s Spotlight

As Pennsylvania College of Technology continues its multiyear Countdown to the Centennial, PCToday helps share the institution’s remarkable story through the eyes and words of those who lived it. Follow the “Spotlight” logo in the coming months for a memory-filled look back to the days of Williamsport Area Community College, thanks to the campus newspaper that historically (and sometimes humorously) reflected the tenor of the times. As the campus prepares to welcome more than 1,100 prospective students who are registered for Open House on Sunday, we take a trip through The Spotlight for a look at Open Houses past.

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Open House, Aviation, 1966
The Spotlight makes light of its experiences in the aviation facilities during Open House 1966.

Open House, Electrical Instrumentation, 1966
The electrical instrumentation lab was a stop during Open House in 1966.

Open House, Graphic Arts, 1966
The Spotlight captures a tour of the graphic arts department during Open House 1966.

Open House, information kiosk, 1968-1969
An information kiosk offers college publications and a spot to join a campus tour in 1968-69.

Open House, Machine Shop, 1966
Students show the college’s modern equipment to parents during 1966’s Open House.

Curious attendees, 1968-1969
Surrounded by educational displays, college President Kenneth E. Carl talks with curious visitors during the 1968-69 Open House.

Open House, Biology lab, 1968-1969
Visitors to Open House in 1968-69 observe specimens in the biology lab.

Open House, Construction lab, 1968-1969
Visitors tour a construction lab in 1968-69.

Open House, Painting, 1968-1969
A painting classroom is open to the public during the 1968-69 Open House.

Open House signage, 1968-1969
An invitation to the public to attend Open House.

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