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‘On-Demand Courses’ Available Via Professional-Development Site

Are you interested in professional-development offerings, but find they do not fit your schedule? There is a solution “On-demand courses.”

Here’s how it works:

  • Go to the Professional Development Web site
  • Select the “On-Demand Course Offerings” link to view the list of courses
  • Click on any course title to view its description
  • If you are interested in a course, click the “I’m Interested” button below the list
  • When the online form displays, complete the contact information and select the appropriate course from the menu
  • Click “Submit” and the office will be notified of your interest

Once enough people have expressed interest in a course, the scheduler will check employee GroupWise calendars to find a date when everyone is available, including the course instructor. Then, the date is set and you will be notified.

Note that the number of “enough” participants varies with the course. For example, some of the ITDL offerings are available for one-to-one sessions. Also note, you will not need a tuition waiver for on-demand courses.

There also will be scheduled offerings that follow the traditional semester calendar. These can be found under “Schedule Course Offerings and Registration.”

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